Martha Johanna BOWNE

Birth:    17 Aug 1673   Flushing, Long Island, NY

Death:    1 Aug 1750   Flushing, Long Island, NY

Father:   John BOWNE

Mother:   Hannah FEAKE


Spouse:   Joseph THORNE

Birth:   1668   Whitestone Point, Flushing, Long Island, New York

Death:   Jul    1753Whitestone Point, Flushing, Long Island, New York

Father:   John THORNE (1643-1709)

Mother:   Mary PEARSALL (1643-)

Marriage:   9 Nov 1695   Flushing, New York



Samuel (1696-1759)

Joseph (1698-1723)

John (1702-1764)

Thomas (1704-1765)

William (1706-1735)

James (1709-~1779)






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A superb web site for further exploration on the Thorn/Thorne family is that of John Coutant Thorn at:




  • Martha was a Quaker. 


  • November 9, 1695, she was married in a Quaker ceremondy.  [see Quaker Marriages - an excerpt from Jerry Richmond, Fidonet Genealogy Conference, 1995]


  • Martha and her husband Joseph Thorne were considered  "good Quaker" and their names are recorded often in the Flushing Friends Records.