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Birth:   ca 1668   Whitestone Point, Flushing, Long Island, New York

Death:   Jul 1753   Whitestone Point, Flushing, Long Island, New York

Father:   John THORNE (1643-1709)

Mother:   Mary PEARSALL (1643-)


Spouse:   Martha Johanna BOWNE

Birth:   17 Aug 1673   Flushing, Long Island, NY

Death:   1 Aug 1750   Whitestone Point, Flushing, Long Island, NY

Father:   John BOWNE

Mother:   Hannah FEAKE


Marriage:   9 Nov 1695   Flushing, New York



Samuel (1696-1759)

Joseph (16 Oct 1698-1723)

John (4 Mar 1702-7 Oct 1764)  Married Phebe Wildey, then Mercy Wilson.

Thomas (25 Apr 1704-ca1769)  Married (ca 1725) Penelope Coles, then Phebe Tillear/Tilley (ca 1751).

William (15 Jul 1706-1735)  Married (17 Apr 1729) Mary Fitzrandolph.

James (2 Sep 1709-~1779)  Married (11 Sep 1740) Sarah Farrington.












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  • Joseph Thorne was a Quaker. 


  • November 9, 1695, he married in a Quaker wedding Martha Johanna Bowne. (Sister of Mary Bowne, who married Joseph Thorne's uncle Joseph Thorn.)


  • Quaker Marriages - an excerpt from Jerry Richmond, Fidonet Genealogy Conference, 199

  • Not shown in Flushing Census of 1698. Whereabouts unknown.

  • Later in his life Joseph Thorne at Whitestone Point, west of his younger brother William Thorn.


  • Joseph Thorne was a "good Quaker".  Both he and Martha are recorded often in the Flushing Friends Records.


  • The will of Deborah Hicks, widow of Thomas Hicks, executed June 14, 1712, and proved July 24, 1712, held the Joseph and Martha Thorne household in high esteem with the words: "My daughter Martha I bequeath to my loving friend, Martha Thorne, and my Daughter Hannah I bequeath to my dear cousins, Robert and Phebe Field, desiring them to bring up my dear children in the way of truth and fear of God" (WNYHS:2:96 cf. NY Co. Wills:8:157).


  • The will of Joseph Thorn of Flushing, yeoman, executed January 3, 1753, proved August 4, 1753, remembers sons John, James, Samuel and Thomas; grandson Samuel Thorne "who did live with me"; grandchildren Thomas and Mary, children of son Joseph, deceased; and Edward, William, Joseph, and Catharine, children of son William, deceased. Martha had died three years earlier. His son, James, inherited the home place.  200  went to all other living sons and his grandchildren from the two sons  who predeceased him. (WNYHS:4:444 cf. NY Co. Wills:18:341).


  • The names of the children of Joseph and Martha Johanna (Bowne) Thorne, with their dates of birth, are recorded in the Flushing Friends Records (Rec. v.4, p34).