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Edna Eugenie THORNE


Birth:    13 Jul 1885    (near) Brandon, Manitoba

Death:   11/12 Nov 1975   Chilliwack, British Columbia

Father:    Fred Clayton THORNE (1862-1948)

Mother:    Cora 'Emma' TERRY (1861-1946)



Spouse:   Ralph Thornton VAN HORNE

Birth:   4 Sep 1880    Hillier, Prince Edward Co., Ontario

Death:   1 Apr 1975    White Rock, British Columbia 

Father:   Paul  Cornelius VAN HORNE (1830-1899)

Mother:  Cornelia  Eliza JONES (1845-1925)

Marriage:    4 Sep 1909   Vancouver, British Columbia





Harold 'Bircham' (31 Mar 1914-2010). Married Mary Elizabeth Forward 29 Dec 1949. Mary was born 6 Aug 1916, Halifax NS,the daughter of Charles Carman Forward and Olive Elizabeth (nee) Brown.

Ella (15) and Edna Thorne (13) in 1898
Written on back of envelope:  "My father's people in Ontario spelled the surname without the "E".  After my people came to British Columbia the letter was added, why, I do not know.  Just before coming to British Columbia my family visited relatives in Prince Edward County, Ontario and I was Christened there.  It may be that the name Eugenie was decided on at that time as my mother told me I was given the name for her brother whose name was Ernest Eugene Terry. 
The Mutual Life of Canada accepted the birth certificate as proof of age in connection with a policy I took out with them on 28 June 1939 in which my full name Edna Eugenie Van Horne is used.  Edna E Van Horne"
1909 Edna Thorne weds Ralph Van Horne August 1939 Emma with grandson, Bircham
Edna's graduation                        Edna with Doris ca 1902  Edna with her sister/bridesmaid, Ella, Sept 04, 1909
VAN HORNE Ralph & Edna (nee THORNE)
In 1912 Edna and Ralph took a trip across Canada by train and spent time with family in the Wellington, Ontario area and New York.  Edna kept a daily diary and took photos.  The family continues to be grateful for her efforts as her work gives wonderful insight into our family's past.  Some of her photos and comments from the trip may be viewed through many of the Terry genealogy pages.
                   ca 1888 Fred, Edna, Emma & Ella.    Edna with son, Bircham 
ABOVE: Back row - father Fred, Doris, Cliff and mother Emma.   Front row - Edna, Charlie, Ella, Harold 
LEFT:  Ella, Edna and mother, Emma  
 Edna at Bircham and Mary Van Horne's home 1975

 A wonderful letter from Edna  (nee Thorne) to her husband Ralph Van Horne, regarding her father Fred Thorne August 14, 1946, nine days after her motherís (Cora Emma Ė nee Terry) passing.

Brackendale, BC    August 14, 1946

Dear Ralph,

Iíll try to get a letter written today of a sort.  Yesterday seemed to be calling day.  The Dr called in to see how Dad was.  Just a friendly call as he was passing & Dad told him he could have some blackberries so he came back later on with his daughter.  They are nice & friendly & Dad enjoyed them.

Minnie came up with laundry too.

I got the cards from Pauline & will settle for them when I see her.  Harold brought his paper down this morning so I saw the add.   The August 6th last Ė made it sound a year ago as it is still only middle of Aug.  I wonder why they put it in that way.  I see some of the letters - I mean alphabet - in paper are upside down at times so I suppose the type setters are new at it. 

The first letter I sent to Aunt Ella was just to say I was coming up as Mama was sick.  I told Pauline that but I guess she has a worse memory than mine.  I see Picton papers were to copy & newspapers send along fast so I hope Aunt Ella did not see it in paper before my second letter which she could not get before yesterday or today. 

I donít know when I am coming down - not till I finish the sorting Dad wants me to do. We are going to Squamish Friday morning on some business he wants to get done.  I thought one day last week I was going to have trouble. He got rather unnerved & said he would have to go to the old menís home.  I told him he could come with us. He said he could not live in City all the time. 

Clif had told him he could go to his cabin at Irwinís if he took his bed. He said Clif would not be there & they had no accommodation & it was too near town??  He had not heard from Doris (hasnít yet) & had not seen Harold but Harold came in that day & proved he had been thinking it over as he told Dad he could go up there.  Dad said he wanted to be independent.  Harold said he would build him a little cabin of his own & H + Marg asked us up last Sunday to let Dad pick out his own spot for the house. Now Dad is so happy he can be alone but not alone and best of all as Teddy said when a big freight Ė of I think 26 cars - went by Ö. "Grandpa is laughing and so joyed because he can see the train & gets where he can see them cross the road by Minnies".  I really donít know how Harold can spare the time, they have more company coming Sunday & they are letting the girl go. She is not satisfactory, but he sure tries to do what he can & Dad thinks itís wonderful.  Apparently itís where he wanted to go as he says he can walk over to Brackendale store to get tobacco or the mail & close to where he gets his hair cut & he said (if all things) "I like the bears and animals around".  I guess itís the old hunter in him.  A big bear was on the track Sunday when we were up there.

Well they have good water there any way & itís only slime here now. Itís awful.   If a letter comes from Aunt Ella open it & phone me please & I wish as soon as you can you would get me a big photo album at the 15₵ store & post it to me.  I got one for Bircham with 2 dutch figures in gold & they had Pirates, etc.  Get a suitable one that would take an 8x10 and some slip-in corners for it as Dad wants to keep his photos even if some have to be taken from the frames.

When you buy meat donít use tokens as they will be good after the end of the month. Get your coupons cashed each time as they are due.

You could mark one Sunday Paper & send it to Uncle Charlie Thorne Box 397, Indian Head Sask.

Dad asked me to thank you for all youíve done.

While I think of it he said you could have the 2 graves.  I am going to pay out of Mamas as she wished perpetual care for Ella & Chas & stones, so Iíll let you know about that when I see you.  If Fred Jones says anything about Grandpaís let them hold it till I see them.

Will Bircham be back by 1st Sept or soon after?  I hope Bon, Pau and B did not forget to pay you for the sprays.

I did not let Paulineís trip cost her anything. But she would have to buy her dinner on boat. The night she went down  Clif & Harold paid for taxi to their places. She said she had a lovely time so I donít feel badly about asking her to come.  You mention you might help up here.  I donít know yet til the building starts.  The leaving part is done here now til Dad moves.  Clif took the piano, it was the heaviest job.  I was afraid the veranda would go down with them.  There is a hornet nest on front veranda & the other day a snake was up on the veranda so I keep my eyes open & step high.

I had a letter from Dora Bastire & Lil Jones.  Hope to get cards out tonight. Suppose Iíll have to compose the 6 for U.  Oh well! Glad to get others any way.  I expect Iím forgetting a lot, will get another letter off if I donít go down soon.  Iím not hurrying so I donít get too tired & have slept pretty well except first few nights, I sat up till after 5 AM with Mama.  The night I came - it was all night. Pauline offered to sit up too but I knew she was tired.  This is the last Iíll have to do as Doris has daughters.  Margaret Thorne has been wonderful. 

Love Edna       please excuse awful scratch.

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