Thomas Read (or Reade or Rede) 

Birth:   abt 1490

Died:   April 1556, St Helen's, Abington, Berkshire, England 

Father:  Thomas Reade

Mother:  Mildred Cecil 


Spouse:  Ann Hoo 

Father:  Thomas Hoo, Esq. of Hoo, County of Hertford. 

Mother:  Newman






Family notes and letters.

Edwin C. Reed's "Genealogy and History of the Ancestry of Edwin C. Reed where within he notes " obtained from old records, from previous histories and personal recollections.  On the whole, however, the records herein may be taken as accurate."  and   "For much of the information ... I am greatly indebted to the "History of the Reed Family" by Jacob Whittemore Reed published in 1861."