Bartholomew Read


Birth:   abt 1727   Salem, Massachusetts 

Death:   abt 1817    Died at the age of 90.

Father:  John READ (1695-~1727)

Mother:  Mary READ [MARRIED]


Spouses:  Miss HARRIS



Abraham (1751 Freeport, Maine -1834.  Married Miss Bram)

John (1753-.  Married Miss Mitchell.  He was a seaman.)

Josiah (1757-1850.  Married Miss Mitchell.)

Ammi (1759-.  Was a Baptist preacher in Weld.)

Sarah (1761-  Married Harvey)

Naomi (1763-.  Married Gibson.)

Rachel (1765-.  Married Hutchens.)

Stephen  (1767-1863)



Notes for Bartholomew Read


  • Bartholomew Read lived for a while after his majority (coming of age), in Andover.   In 1750 he settled in Falmouth, Maine.  [In 1786 the citizens of "Falmouth" changed the name to "Portland".]


  • He was in the Revolutionary War with three sons. 


  • Bartholomew Read's descendant, Erik K. Reed, in a letter dated 27 Dec 79 wrote:  "My favorite ancestor of ours is Bartholomew Reed, 1727-1817, fought in the American Revolution alongside his sons and grandsons, lived to age 90.  I bet he was a crusty old bastard!"









Family notes and letters.

Edwin C. Reed's "Genealogy and History of the Ancestry of Edwin C. Reed where within he notes " obtained from old records, from previous histories and personal recollections.  On the whole, however, the records herein may be taken as accurate."  and   "For much of the information ... I am greatly indebted to the "History of the Reed Family" by Jacob Whittemore Reed published in 1861."