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George KENNEDY 67

Birth:                           Ireland

Death:   abt 1918        USA?


Father:    Rev James KENNEDY (1818-1898)

Mother:    Eliza CONN (1821- 1875)




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Notes for George Kennedy:


  • He attended classes at Queen's University in Belfast in 1869.


  • Quote from the 1883 "History of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in America" ...

"GEORGE KENNEDY:  Son of Rev. James and Eliza (Conn) Kennedy, * * *  He came to New York in 1870, and graduated from Columbia College in 1874.  He studied theology in the Allegheny Seminary, and was licensed by the New York Presbytery, May 16, 1877.  He was ordained by the Lakes Presbytery, installed pastor of the United Miami congregation, Northwood, Logan County, Ohio, May 23, 1878, and resigned his charge June 15 1882.  He accepted the chair of Greek in Geneva College, September 9, 1882, which position he now occupies.  He is an occasional contributor to the Genevan and Church magazines, and is College librarian."

  • In 1885, George assisted at the wedding of his sister, Mary to Dr. William Sommerville Morrison.