Thorne & Bryan Genealogy

SHEILA LAURAINE 'LAURIE' (nee MOUAT) FIANDER:   Laurie prepared a genealogy package "In Loving Memory of Beulah Foster Reed Morrison ~ September 20, 1888 to July 22, 1948".   On behalf of Beulah's descendants, Laurie presented the book to the family at a Family Reunion of the Descendants of Clarence Gilman Reed in Massachusetts in 1997.   Laurie's time and continuing efforts in documenting our family's history form part of this web site and are appreciated by the family.
MARVIN MARK KRIEGER:   Always valuing his heritage, Marvin Krieger came into his own as a genealogy researcher following a heart attack ~ it gave him time as well as an appreciation for life.  His documentation of the Lieske family information and his willingness to share is not only a benefit to those viewing this site today but a benefit that  will last for generations.


MAX SUTHERLAND:   Max is a long time researcher on Darling County, Ontario. During his studies of the pioneers who populated this part of Canada he came upon the name Hugh O'Brien ... a character that  won his respect and attention.  Max was unable to link Hugh to all his offspring until a mutual genealogist  and Max compare records.  Max has brought a whole new limb of our family tree into view and the beginning of another chapter in our family's history book.   The Bryan family has "adopted" Max and he continues to share his findings along with a healthy dose of humour. 


HARRY MACY: an imminent Long Island genealogist.  He has said that  the Thorne history  was the most singularly extensive family project they have undertaken to date (1992).   It was of particular difficulty as William's descendants have largely ignored their family history. The info has been retrieved from many family histories with whom the Thornes have married, as well as all the usual sources. Macy feels that the information is accurate and reliable.


THORN DICKINSON:  Thorn is a Thorne descendant, who never married.  He was an engineer by profession and a grand lover of his Thorne birthright. 


ROBERT HAROLD J. O'BRIEN:  Bob (no relation to the O'Brien on the other side of the family .... at least not that we have discovered yet!) prepared the foundation of records with his documentation of  the Thorne Family Tree in time for a Thorne family reunion in Lac LaHache in 1996.  He continues to update and share these records to the benefit all who have a connection to this long lived family name.


SHARON BRYAN:   A keen researcher on the Bryan/Brien/Brian/OBrien side of the family tree, Sharon has a quality admired by all who do genealogy research ... she wants details and confirmation  ... and shares her findings with others who desire to give to future generations an understanding of their roots.   


SUZANNE SIMPSON:  Working on the Bryan family, Suzanne brought James Colin Bryan's great grandchildren (through his 3rd wife's offspring) in internet contact with James Colin's grandchildren (through his fourth wife's offspring) which resulted in a sharing of information and joint research efforts.