Thorne & Bryan Genealogy


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AKERMAN, Robert Michael   1912-

ALDEN, Samuel [see REED, Stephen]

BABBIT, Ann Holtz 1809- [see BABBIT, Daniel]

BABBIT, Archibald -- [see BABBIT, Daniel]

BABBIT, Benjamin  1808-1893  [see BABBIT, Daniel]

BABBIT, Daniel  1744-1830

BABBIT, Daniel 1770-1864 [see BABBIT, Daniel]

BABBIT, David Lee 1789- [see BABBIT, Daniel]

BABBITT, Elkana  1798-1837 [see BABBIT, Daniel]

BABBIT, Elizabeth 1777-1810 [see BABBIT, Daniel]

BABBIT, Elkanah   1690-1754

BABBIT, Elkanah   1710-1816

BABBIT, Hannah  1775-1860 [see BABBIT, Daniel]

BABBIT, HENRY 1798-1896 

BABBIT, Mahala  1804- [see BABBIT, Daniel]

BABBIT, Mary 1800-  [see BABBIT, Daniel]

BABBIT, Obedience  1717-abt 1816  [see BABBIT,Daniel]

BABBIT, Obedience 1802-1809  [see BABBIT, Daniel]

BABBIT, Phoebe  1790- [see BABBIT, Daniel]

BABBIT, Rebecca 1773- [see BABBIT, Daniel]

BABBIT, Rhoda  1812-1870

BABBIT, Samuel Perry 1792-1875 [see BABBIT, Daniel]

BABBIT, Samuel Wellington ( - 1850) [see BABBIT, Daniel]

BABBIT, Thomas 1794-  [see BABBIT, Daniel]

BABBIT, William  1784-1794  [see BABBIT, Daniel]

BABBIT, William  1805-1893 [see BABBIT, Daniel]

BARLOW, Ruth  [see MOREHOUSE, John]

BOWNE, Martha Johanna  1673-1750

BOYNTON, Julia [see REED (or REID), William Bradford]

BRAM  [see READ, Bartholomew]


BRIAN, Eva Blanche 1887- [see BRIAN, Levi]

BRIAN, Henry ~1836 [see O'BRIEN, Hugh]

BRIAN, Hilton R. 1899-  [see BRIAN, Levi]

BRIAN, Hugh  ~1847-  [see O'BRIEN, Hugh]

BRIAN, James Marshall  1884- [see BRIAN, Levi]

BRIAN, Jane Florence 1897- [see BRIAN, Levi]

BRIAN, Leticia [Letty] Lamkin [see O'BRIEN, Hugh]

BRIAN, Levi  1850-1919

BRIAN, Mary ~1844  [seeO'BRIEN, Hugh]

BRIAN, Melinda ~1842-  [see O'BRIEN, Hugh]

BRIAN, Melville [Melvin] Cuthbert 1882-  [see BRIAN, Levi]

BRIAN, Norman Clifford [Warner] 1890-  [see BRIAN, Levi]

BRIAN, Samuel ~1838 [see O'BRIEN, Hugh]

BRIAN, Susan ~1836 [see O'BRIEN, Hugh

BRIGGS, Mary  abt 1706 [see CHASE, Benjamin]

BROWN, Emily [Emma] Jane  -1891  [see BRYAN, James Colin]

BROWN, THOMAS 1825- [see BRYAN, James Colin]


BRIEN, Edward  [see O'BRIEN, Hugh]


BRYAN, Ada May  1918-

BRYAN, Alva [Alvin] Edison  1903-1986

BRYAN, Annie Jane (1874-)  [see BRYAN, James Colin]

BRYAN, Charles Leslie [Les] 1915-

BRYAN, Elmer Ira  1909-2000

BRYAN, Fred  1886-1969

BRYAN, James Colin  1850-1932

BRYAN, James [Jim] Andrew 1880-  [see BRYAN, James Colin]

BRYAN, John [Johnnie]  [see BRYAN, James Colin]

BRYAN, Levi (1875-)  [see BRYAN, James Colin]

BRYAN, Minnie 1904-1904 [see BRYAN, James Colin]

BRYAN, Oliver 'Lloyd'  1890-1930

BRYAN, Ray Max   1906-1991  

BRYAN, Robert   1927-2004  

BRYAN, Roy Clifford     1899-1986

BRYAN, Stanley [Stan] Guy  1901-1977

BRYAN, William [Bill] T.  1888-

CANIFF, Nancy  [in Van Horne Photo Album]

CAMERON, Aaron P.  abt 1835 [see THORN, Charles [Charlie] Seth]

CAMERON, Minda [Minnie] J. 1863-1956 [see THORN, Charles [Charlie] Seth]

CAMPBELL, Annie abt 1850

CAMPBELL, Elizabeth abt 1810

CAMPBELL, Archibald abt 1750 in Scotland

CAMPBELL, Archibald abt 1780 in Ireland

CAMPBELL, George abt 1780

CAMPBELL, John  abt 1780

CAMPBELL, Margaret   1810-1869

CARSON, Jane  abt 1860  [see BRYAN, James Colin]

CHAMBERLAIN, Alida  abt 1850 

CHAMBERLAIN, Chloe [Cleo] Ann   1841-1935

CHAMBERLAIN, James  ca 1838

CHAMBERLAIN, John  abt 1800 - abt 1865

CHASE, Alfred  1807  [see CHASE, Shadrach]

CHASE, Ammi  1718- [see CHASE, Benjamin

CHASE, Barthiah  1686- [see CHASE, Benjamin]

CHASE, Benjamin  1639-1731

CHASE, Benjamin  1682-1767

CHASE, Benjamin  1704-  [see CHASE, Benjamin

CHASE, Betsy  1776- 1828 [see CHASE, Shadrach]

CHASE, Caleb  1722- [see CHASE, Benjamin

CHASE, Cynthia  1768-  [see CHASE, Israel]

CHASE, Ebenezer  1746-  [see CHASE, Israel]

CHASE, Ephraim  1744-  [see CHASE, Israel]

CHASE, Ezra  1758-  [see CHASE, Israel]

CHASE, Francis  1776- abt 1810 [see CHASE, Shadrach]

CHASE, Hannah  1748-  [see CHASE, Israel]

CHASE, Harriet  1801  [see CHASE, Shadrach]

CHASE, Horatio Nelson  1803  [see CHASE, Shadrach]

CHASE, Israel  1742- [see CHASE, Israel]

CHASE, Israel  1716-

CHASE, James P  [see CHASE, Phoebe]

CHASE, Joshua 1722- [see CHASE, Benjamin

CHASE, Levi  1752-  [see CHASE, Israel]

CHASE, Lucy  1779-  [see CHASE, Shadrach]

CHASE, Mary  abt 1641 [see CHASE, William]

CHASE, Mary  abt 1693- [see CHASE, Benjamin]

CHASE, Michael 1724- [see CHASE, Benjamin

CHASE, Oliver  1709- [see CHASE, Benjamin]

CHASE, Philip 1697- [see CHASE, Benjamin]

CHASE, Phoebe     ~1770-~1840

CHASE, Rufus  1764-  [see CHASE, Israel]

CHASE, Ruth 1797-

CHASE, Sarah  1794-  [see CHASE, Shadrach]

CHASE, Sarah  abt 1695- [see CHASE, Benjamin]

CHASE, Shadrach  1750-

CHASE, Sidney Smith  1806-  [see CHASE, Shadrach]

CHASE, Simeon  1756-  [see CHASE, Israel]

CHASE, Walter 1684- [see CHASE, Benjamin]

CHASE, Wealthy  1760-  [see CHASE, Israel]

CHASE, William  abt 1600

CHASE, William  1622- [see CHASE, William]


CLEVELAND, Elizabeth abt 1712 [see CHASE, Benjamin]

CLEVELAND, Thankful  abt 1725 [see CHASE, Benjamin]

CLOSE, Mary abt 1740 [see BABBIT, Daniel ]

CONN, Anne 1824-

CONN, Ellen 1840-

CONN, Eliza  1821- 1875

CONN, Hugh 1832-1871

CONN, Jane 1817-1846

CONN, Margaret 1819-

CONN, Mary 1826-1844

CONN, Matilda 1834-

CONN, Robert Thomas 1830-1836

CONN, Robert Thomas (2nd) 1838-1839

CONN, Sarah 1828-1887

CONN, Thomas   unknown-1844

CRAM, Henry  [see REED, Stephen]

CROCKER, Hezediah [see FOSTER, Micah]

CRONK, Rhoda Annis [see BABBIT, Daniel]

DARRAH, unknown [see MORRISON, Catherine [Kate] ]

DELONG, Mary  1874  [see TERRY, Ernest]

DENNISON, unknown [see CAMPBELL, Elizabeth]

DETLOR, Ann  abt 1800  [see CHAMBERLAIN, Chloe [Cleo] Ann]

DOUGLAS, Elizabeth [Betty]  [see CHASE, Phoebe]

DUNHAM, Joseph  abt 1680 [see CHASE, Benjamin]

ECHART Wilhelmina [Minnie]  1843-1926

ENDICUTT, Mary [see READ, Thomas]

EVANS, Martha  abt 1795  [see CHASE, Shadrach]

FANNING, Mary  [see BRIAN, Levi]

FIANDER, David Norman Mouat   1978-

FIANDER, Malcolm Bruce   1976-

FIELD, Ann  abt 1675 [see THORN Samuel]

FINCH, Fanny abt 1805 [see CHASE, Shadrach]

FLAGLER, Jane E. abt 1843  [see THORN, Charles [Charlie] Seth]

FOSTER, Alice Middlemore  1854-  [see FOSTER, Seth Robinson]

FOSTER, Bersheba 1700- [see FOSTER, Josiah]

FOSTER, Calvin abt 1825 [see FOSTER, Seth]

FOSTER, Collingsworth 1680- [see FOSTER, John]

FOSTER, David 1739- [see FOSTER, Josiah]

FOSTER, David 1707- [see FOSTER, Josiah]

FOSTER, Edwin Chase 1846-  [see FOSTER, Seth Robinson]

FOSTER, Elizabeth 1664- [see FOSTER, John]

FOSTER, Elizabeth 1698- [see FOSTER, Josiah]

FOSTER, Emma Ritchie   1849-~1920

FOSTER, Frances 1770- [see FOSTER, Micah]

FOSTER, Granville Franklin 1844-  [see FOSTER, Seth Robinson]

FOSTER, Lydia 1772-  [see FOSTER, Micah]

FOSTER, Hopestill  1648-  [see FOSTER, Thomas]

FOSTER, Horatio abt 1823 [see FOSTER, Seth]

FOSTER, Increase 1645- [see FOSTER, Thomas]

FOSTER, Isaac   1705-

FOSTER, Isaac 1781-  [see FOSTER, Micah]

FOSTER, Isaac 1810- [see FOSTER, Seth]

FOSTER, Joel 1766- [see FOSTER, Micah]

FOSTER, James 1683- [see FOSTER, John]

FOSTER, John  1642-

FOSTER, John 1666- [see FOSTER, John]

FOSTER, Joseph abt 1650  [see FOSTER, Thomas]

FOSTER, Joseph ~1673- [see FOSTER, John]

FOSTER, Joseph abt 1821- [see FOSTER, Seth]

FOSTER, Josiah  1669-

FOSTER, Josiah 1703- [see FOSTER, Josiah]

FOSTER, Lydia 1737- [see FOSTER, Josiah]

FOSTER, Mary 1671- [see FOSTER, John]

FOSTER, Mary 1690- [see FOSTER, Josiah]

FOSTER, Micah  1742-

FOSTER, Micah 1775- [see FOSTER, Micah]

FOSTER, Nahum abt 1827-  [see FOSTER, Seth]

FOSTER, Nathaniel 1710- [see FOSTER, Josiah]

FOSTER, Priscilla 1779 [see FOSTER, Micah]

FOSTER, Sarah `1676- [see FOSTER, John]

FOSTER, Sarah 1713- [see FOSTER, Josiah]

FOSTER, Seth  1784-

FOSTER, Seth Robinson  1819-

FOSTER, Susanna 1768- [see FOSTER, Micah]

FOSTER, Sybil 1816-  [see FOSTER, Seth]

FOSTER, Thomas Rev  ca 1580-

FOSTER, Thomas   1600-

FOSTER, Thomas 1640-  [see FOSTER, Thomas]

FRASER, Wendy Jilleen   1956-

GARVEY, Bertha Louise   1900-1900 [see GARVEY, Joseph Henry]

GARVEY, Henry James   1904-1905 [see GARVEY, Joseph Henry]

GARVEY, Francis Fredrich [Frank]  1906-1983

GARVEY, James [Jim] Edward   1910-1973

GARVEY, John [Jack] James Maxwell  1930-1996

GARVEY, John [Jack] Patrick   1897-1983

GARVEY, Joseph [Joe] Rudolf   1902-1976

GARVEY, Lois Gail Joyce   1934-1993

GARVEY, Violet Leidia   1916-1985

GIBSON  [see READ, Bartholomew]

GILBERT, Jerusha abt 1755 [see CHASE, Israel]

GREEN, Elizabeth  [see READ, Jacob]

GRINNELL, Daniel  abt 1670 [see CHASE, Benjamin]

HALL, Katherine [see REED (or REID), William Bradford]

HALL, Mary Keiser  [see MOREHOUSE, Samuel]

HARVEY  [see READ, Bartholomew]

HATHAWAY, Jacob abt 1690 [see CHASE, Benjamin]

HATHAWAY, Lydia  abt 1748- [see CHASE, Israel]

HATHAWAY, Phebe abt 1750- [see CHASE, Israel]

HAZEN, Harold L   1915-1976

HEATHCOTE, Florence [see MORRISON, Hugh O'Neill [Neill]]

HEUSTIS, Abigail  abt 1675 [see THORN, Samuel]

HIFFNER, Genevive [see GARVEY, Francis Fredrich [Frank]]

HOPPEY, unknown [see MORRISON, Mary Ann]

HOUSECROFT, Catherine 1822-  [see BRYAN, James Colin]

HOYT, Florence [see REED (or REID), William Bradford]

HUNT, Esther  1701-  [see THORN, Samuel]

HUNT, Joshiah  abt 1670  [see THORN, Samuel]

HUTCHENS  [see READ, Bartholomew]

IRWIN, Burtrelle Mary  1889-1943

IRWIN, James Atwell [see IRWIN, Burtrelle Mary]

IRWIN, Draper William   1874-1950 

IRWIN, Mabel Doris 1903-1986 [see IRWIN, Draper William]  

IRWIN, Verona Irene Winifred  1917-1998

IRWIN, William   abt 1840-

IRWIN, William  John 1901-1971 [see IRWIN, Draper William]

JOHANNESDATTER, Rangdi  1849- [see JOHANNSON, Rangdi]

JOHANNSON, Rangdi    1849-1925


JONES, Cornelia  abt 1860 [see THORNE, Edna Eugenie]

JONES, Daniel  1854-

JONES, Florence   1881-1988

JONES, Fred Middleton  1886-1958  

JONES, George (father of George Bell)

JONES, George Bell   1854-1937

JONES, Margaret Elizabeth    1893-1978

JONES, Mary  [see MOREHOUSE, John]

JONES PHOTO ALBUM of Family & Friends

KAY, Jacob  abt 1790 [see CHASE, Shadrach]

KEAN, Wealthy 1719- [see CHASE, Israel]

KEELER, Elizabeth/Isobel  [see MOREHOUSE, Thomas]

KEMPTON, Sarah  [see READ, Jacob]

KENNEDY, Anne  unknown -18??

KENNEDY, Eliza [Lizzie]  1858-

KENNEDY, George    ~1775-1857

KENNEDY, George  ABT 1816- [see KENNEDY, George]

KENNEDY, George    ~1850-

KENNEDY, Hugh    1852-1871

KENNEDY, James    1818-1898

KENNEDY, James   abt 1750

KENNEDY, Mary    1854-1936

KENNEDY, Matilda  1863-1898

KENNEDY, Sarah  1859-1887

KENNEDY, Thomas  unknown-1863

KINNEE, Debra Jane  1968-

KINNEE, Karen Judith  1972-

KIRKPATRICK, unknown [see CAMPBELL, Elizabeth]

KNAKOSKE, Bertha Florence  1921-1981

KNAKOSKE, Doroth Rubian   1933-1980

KNAKOSKE, Elsie Elfrieda   1919-2000

KNAKOSKE, Frederick 'Ernest'   1928-

KNAKOSKE, Leona Evelyn   1930-1979

KNAKOSKE, Violena [Lena] Marian   1923-1978

KNAKOSKE, Walter William 1926-1927 [see KRIEGER,  Elizabeth]

KNAKOSKE, Wesley Waldemar   1932-1999

KNOX, Mary abt 1819 [see CHASE, Shadrach]

KRIEGER, Albert George   1911-1982

KRIEGER, Edward   1897-1962

KRIEGER,  Elizabeth Louise  1900-1936 

KRIEGER, Ferdinaud [Fred]   1908-1963

KRIEGER, Friedrich   1871-1912

KRIEGER, Marvin Mark   1941-

KRIEGER, Maxine Annie Margaret   1942-  

KRIEGER, Minnie K.   1887-1974

KRIEGER, Sophie   1899-1917

KRIEGER, William Friedrich  1903-1975

KRIEGER, Tillie  1906-1906  [see KRIEGER, Friedrich]

LADD, Jeremiah  [see REED, Stephen]

LAMKIN, Elizabeth 1797-1865 [see TOOLEY, Samuel]

LAMKIN, Leticia 1797-1865 [see TOOLEY, Samuel]

LARKIN, John D.   1841-

LARKIN, Lizzie   1875-   [see LARKIN, John D.]

LARKIN, Maggie   1873-  [see LARKIN, John D.]

LARKIN, Sarah   1821- 

LARKIN, Sarah Ann  1870-1898

LEROY, Maria  [see PELS, Sophia]

LIESKE, Albert Rudolph   1927-

LIESKE, Anna  1871-1958

LIESKE, Erna Olga   1920-2002

LIESKE, Esther Evelyn  1922-

LIESKE, Ewald Albert   1917-

LIESKE, Frederick Walter   1915-

LIESKE, Fredrich   1842-1908

LIESKE, Helen Ruth   1930-

LIESKE, Hitwick Emma [Hedwig]  1868-unknown

LIESKE, Ida Emma  1905-1979

LIESKE, Laura Margaret   1878-1940

LIESKE, Rudolph [Ralph] Theodor   1884-1976

LIESKE, Wilheim Herman [Max]   1869-1944

LIESKE, Wilhelmina [Minnie] Hilda  1874-1949

Loring, Rachal [see REED, Stephen]    

MacCONNELL, Annie  [CAMPBELL, Annie]  

MacCONNELL, Archie  [CAMPBELL, Annie]

MacCONNELL, Florence  [CAMPBELL, Annie]

MacCONNELL, George  [CAMPBELL, Annie]

MacCONNELL, Roland  [CAMPBELL, Annie]

MAKEPEACE, Thomas  abt 1670- [see CHASE, Benjamin]

MAXON, Mary  abt 1725 [see CHASE, Benjamin]

McFAUL, Ada B.  1874-1955 [see TERRY, Philip A.]

McLAUGHLIN, Mary  [see CAMPBELL, John]

McQUINN, William  abt 1859 [see TERRY, Harriet [Hattie]]

MARTIN Nancy - ca 1795-1845    [see CONN, Thomas]

MAGEE, Mary Ann ( -1918)

MARSHELL, Ella  abt 1854 [see BRYAN, James Colin]

MARSHELL, Jennie [Jane] 1856-1901 [see O'BRIEN, Hugh]

MCLEOD, Simon Fraser   1939-

MCLEOD, Susan   1944-

MITCHELL [see READ, Bartholomew]

MOREHOUSE, John      ~1727

MOREHOUSE, John  1761-1839

MOREHOUSE, Joseph  1723/24-1770

MOREHOUSE, Mary  1819-1905

MOREHOUSE, Samuel  1642-1687

MOREHOUSE, Samuel  1795-1857

MOREHOUSE, Stephen  1701-1767

MOREHOUSE, Thomas    ~ 1853-58

MORRISON, Katherine [Kate]   1836-unknown

MORRISON, Daniel  1809-1876

MORRISON, Elizabeth [Eliza]   1832-1932

MORRISON, Ellen   1834-1913

MORRISON, George   1831-1833

MORRISON, James   1841-unknown

MORRISON, Margaret  1839-unknown

MORRISON, Mary Ann   1843-unknown

MORRISON, Thomas   1846-1865 

MORRISON, Elizabeth [Betty]  Reed  1914-1999

MORRISON, Frank Sifford  1887-1976

MORRISON, Fraser Campbell   1892-

MORRISON, Hugh O'Neill [Neill]   1889-unknown

MORRISON, James Kennedy [Ken]   1886-unknown

MORRISON, Margaret [Peggy] Campbell  1921-1988

MORRISON, Mary [Molly] Reed  1914-1998

MORRISON, William abt 1780 [see MORRISON, Daniel]

MORRISON, William Sommerville  1849-1938

MOUAT, Daphne Elizabeth   1949-

MOUAT, Malcolm [Mac] Thomas  1917-1999

MOUAT, Sheila Lauraine [Laurie]   1951-

NILES, Letitia [Letty]  1811-1873

NUTTING, Ephraim M. [see REED (or REID), William Bradford]

O'BRIEN, Edward  ~1833- [see O'BRIEN, Hugh]

O'BRIEN, Henry ~1841- [see O'BRIEN, Hugh]

O'BRIEN, Hugh  abt1798-1880

O'BRIEN, Hugh ~1849- [see O'BRIEN, Hugh]

O'Brien, Leticia [Letty]  ~1835  [see O'BRIEN, Hugh]

O'BRIEN, Mary 1845- [see O'BRIEN, Hugh]

O'BRIEN, Melinda  ~1843- [see O'BRIEN, Hugh]

O'BRIEN, Robert Harold J.    1937-

O'BRIEN, Samuel [see O'BRIEN, Hugh]

O'BRIEN, Susan  ~1837  [see O'BRIEN, Hugh]

ODDING, Sarah  1609-1681 [see CHASE, Benjamin]

ODELL, Ruth   [see MOREHOUSE, Thomas]


OLSON, Andrea   1872-1943   [see RAALIEN, Ole] 

OLSON, Anna [Anne]  1877-1976  [see RAALIEN, Ole] 

OLSON, Bertha [Betty]    1887-1965 

OLSON, Emma   1885-1976

OLSON, Inger   1874-1949    

OLSON, Johan [John]   1879-1958   

OLSON, Karen   1868-1931   [see RAALIEN, Ole] 

OLSON, Maria [Mary]   1883-1923

OLSON, Olaus    1875-1953 

OLSON, Ole    1844-1935     (aka RAALIEN)

OLSON, Olivia [Ollie]    1891-1952       

OLSON, Peder [Peter]   1889-1935 

OUTHIT, Daniel Morrison  [see MORRISON, Ellen for special notes and photo]

OUTHIT, Frank  [see Morrison, Ellen]

OUTHIT, unknown - ~1922  [see Ellen Morrison]

PAUL, Benjamin abt 1755 [see CHASE, Israel]

PAUL, Mary   1776-1835

PAYNE, Ruth abt 1725 [see CHASE, Benjamin]

PEARSALL, Mary   1643-

PEARSALL, Nicholas  [see PEARSALL, Mary]

POLLOCK, Grace Margaret  [see IRWIN, Burtrelle Mary]

PORTER, Jane abt 1810 [see CHASE, Shadrach]

PROCTOR, Nathan  [see READ, Jacob]

PELS, Michael [see PELS, Sophia]

PELS, Sophia    ~1750-

PRINDLE, Obedience [see BABBIT, Elkanah]


RAALIEN, Andrea   1872-1943     [see RAALIEN, Ole] 

RAALIEN, Anna [Anne]  1877-1976  [see RAALIEN, Ole

RAALIEN, Bertha [Betty]    1887-1965 

RAALIEN  Emma   1885-1976  

RAALIEN, Inger   1874-1949  

RAALIEN, Johan [John]  1879-1958 

RAALIEN, Karen   1868-1931    [see RAALIEN, Ole] 

RAALIEN, Maria [Mary]   1883-1923

RAALIEN, Olaus    1875-1953 

RAALIEN, Ole Olson   1844-1935  

RAALIEN, Olivia (Ollie)    1891-1952    

RAALIEN, Peder [Peter]   1889-1935  

RAE, Albert Oswald  1885-1926 [see THORNE, Doris Maud]

RAE, Cora 'Agnes'   1916-1996

RAE, Gordon Allan  1919-1978

RAE, Doris Grace   1924-

READ, Aaron  1694 [see READ, Jacob]

READ, Aaron  ~1727-  [see READ, John]

READ, Abraham 1751-1834 [see READ, Bartholomew]

READ, Ammi  1759- [see READ, Bartholomew]

READ, Bartholomew   abt 1721

READ, Elizabeth 1655-  [see READ, Thomas]

READ, Elizabeth  1704-  [see READ, Jacob]

READ, Issac ~1717-  [see READ, John]

READ, Jacob  1663-  [see READ, Thomas]

READ, Jacob  1658-1662  [see READ, Thomas]

READ, Jacob  1699-  [see READ, Jacob]

READ, Jacob   1663-

READ, John  1664-  [see READ, Thomas]

READ, John  1651-  [see READ, Thomas]

READ, John   1695-abt 1727

READ, John  ~1721  [see READ, John]

READ, John 1753- [see READ, Bartholomew]

READ, Johnathan  1701- [see READ, Jacob]

READ, Josiah  1757-  [see READ, Bartholomew]

READ, Mary  1653-  [see READ, Thomas]

READ,  Mary  1697  [see READ, Jacob]

READ, Mary  ~1719-  [see READ, John]

READ, Naomi  1763-  [see READ, Bartholomew]

READ, Rachel  1765-  [see READ, Bartholomew]

READ, Remember  1657-  [see READ, Thomas]

READ, Sarah  1665-  [see READ, Thomas]

READ, Sarah  1660  [see READ, Thomas]

READ, Sarah  1703-  [see READ, Jacob]

READ, Sarah ~1725  [see READ, John]

READ, Sarah  1761- [see READ, Bartholomew]

READ, Susanna 1649-  [see READ, Thomas]

READ, Thomas   ca 1500

READ, Thomas   ca 1520

READ, Thomas [Sir] ca 1540

READ, Thomas [Sir - Baroneted]  ca 1560

READ, Thomas  abt 1585

READ, Thomas ca 1610-1666

READE, Thomas

READE, William 

REED, Albert Lawrence 1856- [see REED (or REID), William Bradford]

REED, Alice Havilah  1893-1893 [see REED, Clarence Gilman]

REED, Alice Myrtle  1881-1883 [see REED, Clarence Gilman]

REED, Andrew [see REED, Stephen]

REED, Beulah Foster  1889-1948

REED, Carlton Holbrook 1885-1886 [see REED, Clarence Gilman]

REED, Clarence Gilman   1844-

REED, Daniel  1791-1856 [see REED, Stephen]

REED, Edwin Clarence  1887-  [see REED, Clarence Gilman]

REED, Hannah  1789-1850 [see REED, Stephen]

REED, James Hall 1854-1894 [see REED (or REID), William Bradford]

REED, Jeremiah B. 1795- [see REED, Stephen]

REED, Lucia Alden 1861-1862 [see REED (or REID), William Bradford]

REED, Mabel McIntire 1890-1908  

REED, Mary  1807- [see REED, Stephen]

REED, Mary Alice 1846-1895 [see REED (or REID), William Bradford]

REED, Mercy [see REED, Stephen]

REED, Morton Holbrook  1891-  [see REED, Clarence Gilman]

REED, Nicholas G. 1805- [see REED, Stephen]

REED, Philander  1803- [see REED, Stephen]

REED, Prudence 1799- [see REED, Stephen]

REED, Rebecca 1793- [see REED, Stephen]

REED, Samuel Morehouse 1849- [see REED (or REID), William Bradford]

REED, Stephen   1767-1863

REED, Stephen  1801-1836 [see REED, Stephen]

REED, Thorton Ednicutt  1886- [see REED, Clarence Gilman]

REED, William Bradford   1814 (or 1809)-1895

REED, William Granville  1879-1900 [see REED, Clarence Gilman]

REED, William Killam 1851- [see REED (or REID), William Bradford]

REED, Zebulon  [see REED, Stephen]

RITCHIE, George Morton abt 1820 [see CHASE, Ruth]

ROBINSON, Gain [see FOSTER, Seth]

ROBINSON, Joanna abt 1787 [see FOSTER, Seth]

ROLEAU, Mary Ann [see SCHECAL Agnes]


ROLEIN, Andrea   1872-1943   [see RAALIEN, Ole] 

ROLEIN, Anna (Anne)  1877-1976  [see RAALIEN, Ole] 

ROLEIN, Bertha [Betty]   1887-1965  

ROLEIN  Emma   1885-1976    

ROLEIN, Inger   1874-1949    

ROLEIN, Johan [John] 1879-1958  

ROLEIN, Karen   1868-1931   [see RAALIEN, Ole] 

ROLEIN, Maria [Mary]   1883-1923

ROLEIN, Olaus    1875-1953  

ROLEIN, Ole Olson  1844-1935       (aka RAALIEN)

ROLEIN, Olivia [Ollie]   1891-1952        

ROLEIN, Peder [Peter]    1889-1935   

Sanford, Elizabeth abt 1770 [see CHASE, Israel]

SAYRE, Abner  1843 -1918


SCHECAL Agnes   1832-1913

SHAW, James

SHAW, Mercy 'Irene'  1890 -

SHERMAN, Philip 1610-1687 [see CHASE, Benjamin]

SHERMAN, Phillippa  abt 1645 [see CHASE, Benjamin]

SHERMAN, Sarah [see FOSTER, Josiah]

SILLIMAN, Elizabeth [see MOREHOUSE, Joseph]

SIMMONS, Deliverance  abt 1685 [see CHASE, Benjamin]

SIMMONS, Mercy  1685 [see CHASE, Benjamin]


SKELIEL [or SCHECAL] William abt 1817- [see SCHECAL, Agnes]

SMITH, Jane abt 1838 [see O'BRIEN, Hugh]

STEWART,  (Robert?)  ca1838- unknown [see MORRISON, Margaret]

STEVENSON, Ann  1696-1724 [see THORN, Samuel]

STEVENSON, Thomas Jr [see THORN, Samuel]

TERRY, Benjamin Jacob 1787-1855

TERRY, Cora 'Emma'   1861-1946

TERRY, Edna E.  1894- [see TERRY, Ernest]

TERRY, Ellen [Ella] M.   1859-1954

TERRY, Ernest Eugene  1873-1951

TERRY, Harriet [Hattie] E.   1857-1937

TERRY, Harvey   1830-1895

TERRY, Philip A.  1870-1932

TERRY, Philip Earl  1897- [see TERRY, Ernest]

TERRY, Rebecca [Becca] Elizabeth  1853-

TERRY, Serah A. 1867-1923

TERRY, Walter Thomas King  1895-196- [see TERRY, Ernest]

TERRY, William Harvey  1864- [see TERRY, Harvey]

TERRY, Winifred [Winnie] E  abt 1895 [see TERRY, Ernest]

NOTE FOR  "THORN" also see "THORNE" 

THORN, Ann  -1811  [see THORN, Robert]

THORN, Catharine  abt 1778  [see THORN, Robert]

THORN, Catharine Ann   1814-1870

THORN, Charles [Charlie] Seth   1860-1954

THORN, Elizabeth   1809-1893

THORN, Esther  1774-1802  [see THORN, Robert]

THORN, Esther  1797-1797 [see THORN, Samuel]

THORN, James  1731-  [see THORN, Samuel]

THORN, John  1728-1817  [see THORN, Samuel]

THORN, Jonathan abt 1724-1777  [see THORN, Samuel]

THORN, Joseph abt 1716  [see THORN, Samuel]

THORN, Joseph  abt 1809-1809  [see THORN, Samuel]

THORN, Mary  1772-   [see THORN, Robert]

THORN, Mary T.   ~1822-

THORN, Michael 1777-  [see THORN, Robert]

THORN, Nathaniel  abt 1720  [see THORN, Samuel]

THORN, Robert  ~1734-1819

THORN, Robert    1794-1866

THORN, Robert   1821-1905

THORN, Samuel     1696-1759

THORN, Samuel  `~1771 - abt 1836

THORN, Samuel  abt 1722  [see THORN, Samuel]

THORN, Samuel Michael   ~1817-1889

THORN, Seth   1802-

THORN, Sohpia   1815-

THORN, Stephen  1737-1795  [see THORN, Samuel]

THORN, Thomas  abt 1718  [see THORN, Samuel]

THORN, William  1808-1885 

NOTE FOR  "THORNE" also see "THORN"  

THORNE, Bonnie Eileen  1916-2012

THORNE, Bryan Arthur  1972-

THORNE, Charles Bell 1887-1887 [see THORNE, Fred Clayton]

THORNE, Charlie Ernest  1900-1909 

THORNE, Clayton Larkin  1926-2011

THORNE, Clifton 'Irwin'  1920-

THORNE, Doris Maud Terry   1897-1982

THORNE, Dorothy Olive 1920-  [see THORNE, Harold Arthur]

THORNE, Edna Eugenie   1885-1975

THORNE, Elizabeth  abt 1672 [see THORNE, John]

THORNE, Ella Winifred  1883-1945 

THORNE, Fred Clayton 1862-1948

THORNE, Fred Clifton [Cliff]   1890-1983

THORNE, Hannah  abt 1674  [see THORNE, John]

THORNE, Harold Arthur   1894-1984

THORNE, Harold Arthur [Art]  1915-1987

THORNE, Harry C.  [see THORN, Charles [Charlie] Seth]

THORNE Hop Farm, Squamish (Fred, Emma (nee Terry) and family

THORNE, James  1709- abt 1779  [see THORNE, Joseph]

THORNE, John   1643-1709

THORNE, John  1665-1737 [see THORNE, John]

THORNE, John  1702-1764  [see THORNE, Joseph]

THORNE, Joseph   1668-1753

THORNE, Joseph  1698-1723 [see THORNE, Joseph]

THORNE, Mary  abt 1670  [see THORNE, John]

THORNE, Mary 'Alida'   1858-1928

THORNE, Michael Edward  1974-

THORNE, Samuel [Sam] Thorn 1834-1906

THORNE, Sandra Alayne  1942-2009

THORNE, Sarah  abt 1676  [see THORNE, John]

THORNE, Stephen Richard   1977-

THORNE, Tavis Arthur Daniel  1998-

THORNE, Terry Arthur Rollin  1943-

THORNE, Thomas  1704-1765  [see THORNE, Joseph]

THORNE, Tyler Elizabeth Margret   2000-

THORNE, William   ~1617-~1660

THORNE, William   ~1636-~1699

THORNE, William  abt 1678  [see THORNE, John]

THORNE, William  1706-1735  [see THORNE, Joseph]

TITUS, Albert  abt 1850 [see TERRY, Rebecca [Becca] Elizabeth]

TOOLEY, Amanda  1838-  [see TOOLEY, Samuel]

TOOLEY, Charles  1840-  [see TOOLEY, Samuel]

TOOLEY, James  1834-  [see TOOLEY, Samuel]

TOOLEY, John  1832- [see TOOLEY, Samuel]

TOOLEY, Laura Ann  1816-1870

TOOLEY, Samuel  1790-1854

TOOLEY, William  1836-  [see TOOLEY, Samuel]

TOWNLEY, Mary  abt 1615  [see CHASE, William]

TREADWELL, Abigail   [see MOREHOUSE, Stephen]

VALENTINE, Ruth abt 1745 [see CHASE, Shadrach]

VAN DAMN, Mary  [see PEARSALL, Mary]

VAN HORNE, Harold 'Bircham'  1914-2010

VAN HORNE, Caniff   [in Van Horne Photo Album]

VAN HORNE, Cornelius Jr.   [in Van Horne Photo Album]

VAN HORNE, Paul   [in Van Horne Photo Album]


VAN HORNE, Ralph Thornton 1880-1975 

WARD, Robert Lloyd [see MAGEE, Mary Ann]

WARD, Henrietta May [see MAGEE, Mary Ann]

WAID, Henry abt 1795 [see CHASE, Ruth]

WAID, Elizabeth Ann 1817-abt 1911 [see FOSTER, Seth Robinson]

WAID, James abt 1795 [see CHASE, Shadrach]

WAID, James Edwin  1820-  [see CHASE, Ruth]

WAID, Rebecca  1822-  [see CHASE, Ruth]

WAID, Sarah  1824/26-  [see CHASE, Ruth]

WEBSTER, Hannah abt 1755 [see CHASE, Israel]

WILCOX, Barjonas abt 1750 [see CHASE, Israel]

WIMES, Abigail abt 1585 [see FOSTER, Thomas Rev]

WIMES, Matthew [see FOSTER, Thomas Rev]

WINSLOW, Philip  abt 1775 [see CHASE, Shadrach]

WOODROW, Lilian Margaret  1883-1952




MILITARY PHOTO ALBUM - 1915 -1916  with:

        BARNES - WWI military man photo 1915

        BONSALL P. - WWI military man photo 1915

        CAMPBELL - WWI military man photo 1915

        CLEMENTS -WWI military man photo 1915

        FORSYTHE William 'Bill' - WWI military man photo 1915

        LEWIS Lieutenant - WWI military man photo 1915

        MITCHELL Thomas Ray - WWI military man photos taken 1916

        PARKE Scott - WWI military man photo 1915

        NYHUS Ingvald Alfred - WWI military man photos taken 1916

        SCANDANAVIAN - a troop ship leaving St John New Brunswick Harbour 1916



McPHERSON PARK JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL, 5455 Rumble St, Burnaby, BC 1958 - 1961

BURNABY SOUTH SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL, Kingsway, Burnaby, BC.  1961 - 1964

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