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Laura Ann TOOLEY1,4

Birth: 6 Jul 1816 Place: New York

Death: 24 Oct 1870 

Father: Samuel TOOLEY (1790-1854)

Mother: Leticia L. Letitia/Letecia LAMKIN (1797 -1865)


Spouse:   Hugh O'BRIEN

Birth: abt 1798 Place: County Donegal, Ireland 2,3

Death: 1880 Place: Perth, Lanark County, Ontario 2

Marriage: (no marriage information available to date)


Children:  (dates ca 1851 census)

Edward  (~ 1833-)

Leticia "Letty" Lamkin Brian ? (~1835-)

Susan (~1837-)

Samuel (~1839-)

Henry (~1841-)

Melinda (~1843-)

Mary (~1845-)

James Colin (~1848-1932)

Hugh (~1849-)

Levi (1851-1919)


Click here or on image to enlarge 1851 Census for Darling Township, Lanark County
O'Brian family highlighted.

Transcribed  Census for Darling Township:  Above 1861.  Below 1871.

Researcher Max Sutherland writes:

"Laura (aka Laury, aka Laurie, aka Lucy) left Hugh O'Brien by 1861. No surprise, as many wives moved out of the bush farms after some thirty or more years of child bearing and hard winters in the frozen wilderness into nearby towns and villages. Their husbands are then politely termed "widower" by the census takers, when in fact the wives are "in town" alive and sometimes well.

The 1861 census of Lanark Township (south of Darling Township where Hugh and Laurie had lived). shows "Mrs. O達rien", as married, aged 44, living in the village of Middleville, Lanark Township (6 miles away from the Darling homestead) with "Abigail O達rien" aged 8. They appear to be staying at the home of Mrs. A. G. Hall, perhaps as boarders or maybe Mrs. O達rien was working as a housekeeper. Hugh O達rien is listed as "a poor farmer" and "widower" by the enumerator in Darling.

Laurie痴 death certificate information: Province of Ontario, Death Certificates 1870, #005419, Almonte, Lanark County

Lucy Ann O達rian. Died 24 October 1870. Age 54 years 3 months. Cause of death: Cancer, after 8 months illness. Born: New York State. Religion: Methodist. Informant: Dr. Noxon, Almonte."

Notes for Laura Ann Tooley:

Read Research by Max Sutherland on page for Hugh O'Brien

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