Thorne & Bryan Genealogy
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Mary 'Alida' THORNE


Birth:     4 Nov 1858   Hillier, Ontario 33

Death:   1 Feb 1928   Vancouver, British Columbia

Father:   Samuel [Sam] Thorn/THORNE (1834-1906)

Mother:   Chloe [Cleo] Ann CHAMBERLAIN (1841-1935)


Spouse:   George Bell JONES

Birth:  19 Oct 1854

Death:  23 Feb 1937  Portland, Oregon


Marriage:   abt 1881   Hillier, Ontario



Ernest Clifton   (2 Aug ca1879 - 16 May 1902)

Florence  (1881-1988)

Fred Middleton   (1886-1958)




Florence & his mother Alida & Fred JONES
 Alida with children Florence and Ernest.  

Tintype photo on right is cropped from one above.  Appears to be Mary Alida Thorne (on far right) with (left to right) her paternal grandmother, Rhoda (Babbit) Thorne, brothers Fred and Charlie (sitting on fence), father, Sam Thorne, and mother, Cleo (Chamberlain) Thorne. 
Charlie, Alida & Fred Thorne ca 1869  (from tintype)
Circa 1911  Standing l-r:  Lil (Woodrow) Jones & Florence (Jones) Ferguson  Sitting l-r:  Alida (Thorne) Jones, Cora Emma (Terry) Thorne with Jack Dillon.
Notes for Mary Alida Thorne

"It appears that Alida and George followed her parents west. They finally settled in Vancouver after trying their fortune in the USA, in the San Francisco area," says Robert O'Brien, 

           Ernest   "older brother of Fred & Florence"


Alida & George Jones

Fred, George & Alida Jones with Amanda (Jones) Sayre (back) & Cleo (Chamberlain) Thorn

On back "Alida & Babes?"
(Alida with grandaughter 'Babes' [Ernest's daughter)
Photo, above ca 1905  Back row: Cornelia (nee Jones) VanHorne, Cora Niles, Ralph VanHorne, Alida (nee Thorne) Jones, George VanHorne Cleo (nee Chamberlain) Thorne; Front Row: Fred Jones; Florence Jones; 'Babes', Samuel Thorne