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Birth:  1640-1643  Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts

Death:  23 Jul 1709   Whitestone Point, Flushing, Long Island, New York

Father:  William THORNE (~1617  England - ~1664 Jamaica, Long Island, New York)

Mother:   Susannah BOOTH (~1617 England - ~1675 Long Island City, Queens, New York)



Birth:   1643 Flushing, New York, Massachusetts or Chesterfield, New Jersey.

Death:   Queens, New York

Father:   Nicholas PEARSALL/PARCELL/PARSELL ~1619 

Mother:  Mary/Sarah VAN DAMN


Marriage:   9 Mar 1664   Flushing, Long Island, New York



John (1665-~1737)  Married Katherine (?) from Crosswicks, New Jersey.

Joseph (1668-1753)

Mary  (ca 1669 - after1714)  Married ca 1687 William Fowler.

Elizabeth  (ca 1673 - after 1710)  Married Frederich Schuerman (ca 1669 - after1743).

Hannah  (1678 - 26 Oct 1756)  Married (1701) Richard Cornell (1678 - 15 Apr 1757)




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A superb web site for further exploration on the Thorn/Thorne family is that of John Coutant Thorn at:



  • John Thorne lived most of his years in Flushing, Long Island, NY.


  • John became the head of the Thorne Family on Long Island after his older brother, William, moved away.


  • Mar 9, 1664, John married Mary Pearsall  in Flushing, Long Island, NY. They accumulated considerable property over the years.


  • May 13, 1664, John Thorne, along with other in Flushing were invited to become  freemen of Connecticut "if they would have it". They declined.


  • August 12, 1667 Nicholas Pearsall, Joseph Thorne, John Thorne of Flushing went to the Governor and offered "to be ready to serve His Majesty under his honorable command on all occasions" believing the English government was about to absorb the colony of Long Island.



  • John Thorne died in 1709. His will, dated July 23, 1709, named his son, William, as executor.  His estate went to his wife, Mary, and children.  Mary's share would be altered if she remarried.