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Clayton Larkin THORNE


Birth:   26 Jan 1926    Brackendale, British Columbia

Died:   30 Jan 2011   100 Mile House, British Columbia

Father:    Harold Arthur THORNE (1894-1984)

Mother:   Margaret Elizabeth JONES (1893-1978)


Spouse:   Lois REID

Birth:   23 Jul 1924    Vancouver, British Columbia

Occupation:   Teller for the Scotia Bank

Father:   Irving REID

Mother:   Ethel Bingham FLEMING


Marriage:   18 Jun 1951   Vancouver, British Columbia



Colleen (1952-)

Allan (1955-)

Gay (1957-)

Gary (1960-)

Glen (1962-)




Clayton Larkin Thorne on his horse Prince
  • Clayton's middle name is in honour of his maternal grandmother's (Sarah Larkin) maiden name.
  • Brackendale, BC. Oct 17, 1953 letter from Clayton's wife, Lois, to Ralph & Edna Van Horne (Clayton's uncle & aunt); "... we have bought the farm Myrtle Herndl (Judd) had right across from where Irwin lives.  I believe it is twelve acres and has a four-roomed bungalow on it.  It has been rented part time and no one in it other times, so naturally needs quite a lot of work and patience.  I don't think we'll move now until Spring."
  • "Clayton's passions were horses and steam trains.  He lived a colourful, meaningful life and enjoyed sharing the stories of his journeys with his family and friends."  Excerpt from obituary.
On Brackendale Ranch


Clayton 1942 on Prince
Clayton (left) with his father Harold 1934

Clayton August 2002
Clayton Larkin Thorne, 18 years old, on Prince