"Ranch House and Orchard"
Emma & Fred Thorne September 1905 
Fred made vine maple love seat.
Back of Ranch House  

"In 1894 Dad got a job managing a hops farm at Squamish," eldest son, Clifton, recalled. The trip up to Squamish from Vancouver was something he never forgot. "There was my parents, my two older sisters, me and my little brother. The road was rough and there were stumps all over the place. It was barely wide enough to take the wagon."

The Thorne Family
Back row -  Fred , Doris,  Cliff,  Emma
Front - Edna, Charlie,  Ella,  Harold

Emma & daughter, Ella 1908
Hop poles in background.
"This was taken of the boys in hop picking time.
Aug & Sept 1902"   
Close up shows (l-r) Cliff, Harold and Fred. 
"Life in Squamish was very isolated," said Clifton. "There used to be a little steam tug come into Squamish every two weeks - 'Bubble and Squeak', we called it. There was an old Englishman [who] used to run the store and the post office and he'd take the mail sack and just dump the mail on the floor. 'There it is,' he'd say. 'Get your own mail'."  
Indian families help work the farm.

Jimmie Jimmie & August Jack 

Sometimes we couldn't wait for the tug to come in, and we'd head down to Vancouver in our canoe. We'd pick a day when the tide was right and we'd leave Squamish about six at night. There was always a breeze from the north, and we'd be in Vancouver for breakfast."  "Just a big mud hole;" Cliff described Vancouver; when English Bay was full of fishing boats and he would  take his intended for afternoon buggy rides.  "On the return journey, it was just the opposite. We'd leave at six in the morning, and there was always a strong wind up Howe Sound, and we'd be home in time for supper. We'd stop off in Horseshoe Bay to make tea on our way home. Nothing but rocks and stumps there, then. And look at it now."
Photos from Thorne and Van Horne family archives.  Many taken by Edna (nee Thorne) Van Horne.
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