Thorne & Bryan Genealogy
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Cora 'Emma' TERRY

Birth: 10 Jan 1861 (also Mar 10 1862 3) Hillier, Prince Edward Co., Ontario

Death: 5 Aug 1946   Squamish, British Columbia 1      Burial: Brackendale

Father: Harvey TERRY (1830-1895)

Mother: Agnes SCHECAL (1832-1913)


Spouse:  Fred Clayton THORNE

Birth: 22 Mar 1862  Prince Edward Co., Ontario

Death: 12 Jun 1948  Squamish, British Columbia 2

Father: Samuel [Sam] Thorn/THORNE (1834-1906)

Mother: Chloe [Cleo] Ann CHAMBERLAIN (1841-1935)


Marriage:  23 Nov 1881  Picton, Prince Edward, Ontario



Ella Winnifred (1883-1945)

Edna Eugenie (1885-1975)

Charles [Charlie] Bell (June 14 1887 near Brandon Manitoba - 1887 near Brandon, Manitoba)

Fred Clifton [Cliff] (1890-1983)

Harold Arthur (1894-1984)

Doris Maud Terry (1897-1982)

Charlie Ernest (August 29, 1900 - May 4,1909)  Died of Scarlet Fever

Family photo right:  Back row: Fred, Doris, Cliff, Emma  Front row: Edna, Charlie, Ella, Harold
Locket with photos - one of Charlie Ernest
Above: Cora Emma on lap of father (Harvey).
Near left:  Harriet (standing) & Ellen (Cora's sisters). 

Ella, Edna and Emma Thorne

1. Death Registration Archives, B13191, GSU 2032423.

2. Death Registration Archives, B13197, GSU 2032481.

 Terry Thorne's (Emma's great-grandson's) baby book has her born March 10, 1862.

 Interview with granddaughter Bonnie (Thorne) Bennett August 2002

Photo above: ca 1888 Fred, Edna, Emma & Ella
Above is a scene from the their hop farm north of Squamish, British Columbia.  
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                                                  Photo right: 1908 Emma & Ella with hop poles in background.

Photos (left) were identified by Bircham Van Horne as Emma & Fred's retirement home in Mamquam (between Squamish & Brackendale, BC). 

"4 acres, 1 cow, 1 horse, a bunch of chickens and some bees ... for a short while.  Fred was allergic to bees."  Bircham laughed as he remembered, "The horse was curious about the bee hive and came close to look.  A bee flew up his nose and stung him.  The horse reared up and in a fury with head shaking galloped off into the barn." 

Across the road (in the trees), Bircham explained, "was an Indian Reserve. 
Daughter, Doris,  lived down the road."
LETTERS written by Emma (Terry) Thorne (as best they could be interpreted).
1943 Feb 22.  Written (in pencil) from Brackendale to her son-in-law, Ralph Van Horne, at 626 West 13th, Vancouver.  My dear Ralph ... first I want to thank you for the paper. It's really too much and it's so expensive & I don't know how to thank you. We all enjoy it so & I hope we can carry it on which we will. I think we will have a carrier by then, if not we will go to [?].  Fred & I wonder if you heard Lux theatre tonight - it was great. Also the president, he is always good, but it tires me when it's on so long. Put it on at 5:45 & on until 7:15 but all so good. We get the States "Ki20" - always good this ration stuff. Keeps one thinking & now so much one cant get at all but we are living fine. Ella is busy every day cooking vegetables, soups & dishes - all so good. Makes me think what to order. Can't get today half my order in canned goods but can get lovely fresh eggs at Brackendale as they have their own hens. We have 8 & not an egg the last 3 days. They are old & will eat them soon I guess. Clifton & Irwin are fine, see them every day. Go with [?] over to feed up cattle at Judds, Harold was just in about sat to get his boy I knit him - what a laugh.  Margaret went to City today as Dorothy is in with her baby to Dr.  I tell you our Dr up here is busy & everyone seems to like him as a Dr. He is very friendly they say. Funeral yesterday. Mr McKimmer - been sick for years. Not much my dear to write about but best of all we are all well as far as I know. Pretty warm weather [?] is hot now & March winds. The snow is going fast but lots as yet.  I suppose you will grow all your vegetables this year. Hope Fred will stand up to it. He is getting old you know & feels it sometimes & we all do. Trusting Edna & Bircham are well & take good care of yourself. Love Mother & thanks a lot my dear.

1943 Apr 26. 
Written (in pencil) from Brackendale to her son-in-law, Ralph Van Horne, at 626 West 13th, Vancouver.  "My dear Ralph -- I now take my pen in hand but it's pencil as you see.  I just can't write with pen - no time for it. First I want to thank you so much for remembering me on Easter. The card is lovely. I only got six - pretty good eh?  I do love to get & love to give but when one can't get out to pick one it's hard to get the one you would like. I hear you have a Victory Garden & its looking good, but don't forget to put your coat on or the one I gave you as you might get the measles. We have funny weather, frost the last two mornings. Froze ice in wash dish at back door & our fruit trees are in bloom. Harold, poor boy, is not so good & he just wont give in until he falls down. Margaret said this PM I called her that it was very hard to get him to do anything about it & it wont do for her to nag him. He goes to PGE Shops everyday & works at home at night. He sleeps good & eats good but to move about & watch his step. Clayton is fine on farm and likes it, hope it lasts. It just suits Harold - he is so pleased about it. Burtrelle ran in this a.m. & they are fine. Irwin is at Judds & she came up & went to Edwards. Don't get out much she says - her feet are bad to walk too much on road. Not much news my dear to write but please accept thanks for card.  Lovingly Mother Thorne"

1944 Apr 10.  Written (in pencil) from Brackendale to her son-in-law, Ralph Van Horne, at 626 West 13th, Vancouver.  "My dear Ralph ... received your lovely Easter greetings, I thank you.  It was a perfect day - guess the Easter parade went off without spoiling the Easter bonnets, hope so. Did your wife go. I do trust you both enjoyed the day. Our day was as every day until 4 pm, then I had dear Ian & Margaret Hamilton & Margaret's girl friend - the one that's rooming with her & they are both lovely children - the Hamiltons - & how glad they were to see Gran. The girls had off Friday Sat & running back today. Then at 7pm my dear son Clifton ran in to see me (or us) & Jack while he was up to cemetery to put a lovely bouquet of flowers on his wife's grave - he never forgets. He brought me flowers as well. He has joined the Rangers - Harold got him at last. He said he'll get shot but he might get five before he's shot. Cliff got home at supper time - went at eleven & nothing to eat, but when he went home there was a lovely dinner Bonnie left him & all - chicken, baked potatoes in oven, parsnips & pudding & a note on table saying [?] be home for dinner. He said it was a big surprise & a good one. Said all he had to do was set the table & eat. He looks so well & walks like a man & sure of himself. Oh it does me so much good. Well I guess I better thank for my Easter box.It came lovely & very good. I guess the way Fred & Ella & each for it & I saved my part for another day. I hope soon I'll feel better this a.m. but not up to myself yet. Got to be careful. I have gone through it before & it's a very naggy thing & takes all the strength out of me. Don't see Harold very often but he is well I think & looks very good to me. What kind of Easter dinner didyou have? Lots of eggs etc. Our ham was great - so Fred & Ella said. We always have fresh eggs.  I had a coddled egg & toast & it was good but I don't get hungry.  I suppose you hear from your dear son at Edmonton. Trust he is well again, & well thought of on the 31st. I did not have very good luck with my pullets - one gone somewhere & one hobbling about. Poor Irwin was working all day yesterday hunting for cow to put his horses across the river & the way he goes all alone to get it done - he sure knows how to handle horses and water but cant find his cow yet. Hope he does. Not much to write about, but write any way eh. Will say bye bye. Thanks again. Love Mother Thorne     & love to Edna".    
TERRY Cora Emma m THORNE with grandson Bircham VANHORNE & Edna

(l-r) Bircham Van Horne (grandson), Cora 'Emma' (nee Terry) THORNE, Edna (nee Thorne) Van Horne.  1939 in Vancouver

1944 Sept 23.  Written (in pencil) from Brackendale to her son-in-law, Ralph Van Horne, at 626 West 13th, Vancouver.  "My dear son-in law.  Just a kind thought of you this minute so I am telling you so. You should receive this on your birthday (4th). Wishing you all thats good & thats good health my dear & able to do your bit. Lots of love & good thoughts. Mother Thorne. A little good luck piece & its new so it starts luck on 4th"

THORNE - Passed away Aug 5th 1946, at Brackendale, B.C. Cora Emma Thorne, beloved wife of M. Fred Thorne, by whom she is survived.  Also survived by two sons, Clifton and Harold Thorne of Brackendale, Two daughters, Mrs. R. J. Van Horne and Mrs. A. Nickolls of Vancouver, a sister and a brother in Ontario and a brother in U.S.A.  Internment in family plot Brackendale, August 6th last.  Rev. Chas. Addyman officiating.  Picton, Ont papers please copy.
THORNE Cora Emma 1946 Obituary