Thorne & Bryan Genealogy
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Birth:       2 Apr 1832   Scotland

Death:   18/19 Jul 1913   Christ Church Cemetery, Prince Edward Co, Ont

Father:   William SKELIEL (spelling according to Agnes Schecal death registry - see below)

Mother:   Mary Ann ROLEAU


Spouse:   Harvey TERRY

Birth:     Apr 1830   Prince Edward Co., Ontario

Death:   5 Mar 1895   Christ Church Cemetery, Prince Edward Co, Ont

Father:   Benjamin Jacob Terry

Mother:   Polly (ca 1796 - )


Marriage:   1853   Prince Edward Co., Ontario



Rebecca [Becca] Elizabeth (1853-)

William Albert (7 Oct 1855-)

Harriet [Hattie] L. (1857-1933)

Ellen [Ella] M. (1859-1954)

Cora 'Emma' (1861-1946)

William Harvey (3 Jan1864-)

Serah Agnes (1867-1923)

Philip Ashton (1870-1932)

Ernest Eugene (1873-1951)




inscription on back of picture

For Hattie
Taken Aug 2nd 1887
Aged 55 years

Agnes Terry
(nee Schecal)
Mother of Cora Emma Thorne

Excerpt from a page of writing by an unconfirmed author (believed to be Edna Van Horne):

"I have not had a chance to look up Aunt Ella's letter telling of Grandma's family but this much I can put in this letter.

My mother's mother (your great grandmother Agnes Terry) was born in Scotland.  Her mother was a native of Glengarry and I think grandma's father was William Schecal. ( I don't know if the spelling is right.)  I don't know her mother's maiden name either but her father married against his parents wishes (apparently they had some one else picked out for him).  He [William] was the son of a Baron so mother's story goes; there was money & a castle in Scotland but he was "cut off with a shilling" for his disobedience and banished from the old home.  They were all a proud lot & parents stern in those days as you know if you remember the picture ... "[end of lone page].

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Letter to Edna Van Horne from her Aunt Ella (Terry) re Ella's mother Agnes (Schecal) Terry

"You asked me to tell you some things of mother.  I am afraid I cannot tell you as much as I should.  Mother told us she was taken from her home at the ages of 11 years and went to live with the Prinyea/Prynia family near Kingston.  She stayed there until she was married - I think she told me she was married at 19.  I know mother was of Scottish decent. She told me her
mother grandmother had the name of being the proudest woman in Glengary & that her father had a large property left him, but his mother was angry with him for marrying someone whom she did not like so she destroyed some papers she got hold of after grandfather's death & his sisters got all the property. Becca told me Mother had 6 sisters 3 younger and 3 older & that she was the centre one.  Mother said grandfather's father was angry too with him at first - for marrying against their wishes but that he was sorry & forgave him before his death & changed his will but his mother never forgave him.  Mother said she could remember, as a child, some lady calling at Mr Prynia's & she overheard the lady say it is possible that I was William Schecal's daughter as much as to say it was out of place for me to be there. 
Poor dear little mother. Since her death I often wish I had asked her more questions concerning herself but she always had so much to do in her younger day she hadn't the time to bother with her past history as she should which might have been of some benefit to us. 
Ever your loving Aunt Ella"

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Excerpts from a letter to Edna Van Horne from her Aunt 'Hattie' (Terry) Dec 28, 1913

"It was sad for us all.  We felt dear Mother's loss most keenly. She always loved the Christmas season and did all in her power to make others happy.  She left us all a noble example."

"Thanks dear Edna for those handkerchiefs. I had six very nice ones given me but I will lay them all by for I am using mourning ones now.  They will all come in good time."

from Uncle & Auntie McQuinn

"My darling I never write or think of you but I am back upstairs at dear Mother's.  It seems hard to forget it, as mother often said - those dear Children.  I can see you both just as you were that night. - Aunt H."

Excerpt from Edna (Thorne) Van Horne's 1912 Travel Diary:

Thurs 17 Had breakfast late. every thing good to eat. all went in to Uncle Ernest's for dinner. Aunt S went to Uncle Phil last night to help pick up apples after dinner. Edna took us to Uncle Phil & Aunt H & we got home just dark. saw grandpa Thornes old place. Phil Earl came home unexpectedly. fine little chap. Went to Grandmas for supper. King came & saw the pictures with Phil Earl.

Above:  Philip Earl -  Oct 1912 .  Right:  Old school on Bowerman's Corner Oct 18 1912.

Edna's (on left side of middle picture below) journal excerpt: 

Fri 18 Mrs Palmer came in. We just visited in morning. in afternoon Aunt Ella, Ralph & I walked down to corner to Bowerman School. I took picture of it & Aunt Ella on Steps. Grandma not feeling very good so we went to bed early.

Harvey and Agnes Terry's home.  Photo taken October 1912. 

Agnes (Schecal) Terry Oct 20 1912 - taken by Edna (Thorne) Van Horne

  • Excerpts from Edna (Thorne) Van Horne's 1912 Travel Diary:

Oct 16 - Did some shopping then drove out to grandmas. Aunt El & S ran out to meet us. Grandma at the door. She felt very badly. Grandma much brighter they said went to bed in room where the sisters slept. its a parlor bedroom now.

Oct 17 - Went to Grandmas for supper.

Oct 18 - Grandma not feeling very good so went to bed early.

Oct 19 - I got some lemons and cake for grandma, Phil, Aunt Addie & Serah. Uncle brought Grandma a pumpkin.  Phil Earl could not lift it.  Garfield brought Grandma 2 eggs.

Oct 20 - when we got home I took picture of Grandma and 2 aunts.  

Oct 21 - Grandma not feeling so well.  Aunt Serah gave me a quilt that Grandma had helped make.  Grandma had a good deal of pain today.

Oct 24 - got a herring for Grandma

Oct 29 - Grandma not to well.  

Nov  3 - had breakfast 8:00 Ralph & I walked out to Grandma Terrys.  

Nov 12 - after dinner we walked to Grandmas and back.  Grandma not so well today.  

Nov 15 - In morn drove out to Grandma.  took her fish & pictures. 

Nov 17 - Grandma had a very bad day.

Nov 18 - Grandma feeling better this morning. Uncle Ernest took corn to Wellington. sold it. King ploughing.  After dinner R churned for grandma. 

Dec 4 - [in New York]  wrote Grandma and Aunt Amanda

Dec 8 - After dinner Uncle Phil took us in democrat to Grandmas.  Grandma failed so much since we saw her last.  About nine oclock when we got home wind blowing & snowing some. very cold,. Uncle said he though it must be  Zero. warm bedroom over dining room. flannel blankts. Aunt Ella does not think Grandma will live till Xmas.

Oct 21, 1912 - Churning Day at Grandma Terry's 

Stone fence at Agnes Terry Dec 15 1912  -  Edna (Thorne) Van Horne

l-r: Philip Earl Terry, Edna Terry, Edna Van Horne, Walter Thomas Terry.

Dec 10 - Grandma worse today than at all. While in Wellington we went to Uncle Jimmies & Aunt Bec drug store. I got Grandma some Lemon biscuits. Saw kid crying. lost cigarette papers. found them. gave her 2. made her happy.

Dec 11 - Grandma poor night. feeling little better towards noon........  to Grandmas for evening. Grandma worse today than at all. Aunt Hat & Uncle were there. home 10 ocI took Grandma lemon biscuits. Uncle Phil took chicken, oysters, etc. Aunt Bec out to se Grandma.

Dec 12 -  call came in this morning 4 oclock. Grandma worse. they sent for Dr. Uncle Phil drove us out to Grandma's. team on buggy. snowing and blowing. they put up Grandmas coal stove. we were all in Uncle Ernests for Supper. Grandma feeling better  fine day but snowing & wind blowing in evening. Edna went to L. Leavens. wore my furs. very cold.

Dec 13  Thought end had come. Grandma did not have very good night.

Dec 14 - Grandma had a bad spell but better than she was.

Dec 15 - Grandma had a good night.  R took picture of me and cousins by stone fence.  I staid with Grandma & Aunt Serah.  Mrs. Palmer & Mrs Leavens came to see Grandma.

Dec 17 - Grandma comfortable.

Dec 19 - dinner. about 3 oclock we went out to Grandmas. stayed for tea.    

Dec 20 - [on way to Chicago] wrote card to Grandma

Dec 22 - [in Chicago]  wrote to Grandma Terry

Dec 29 - [on train near Kamloops, BC] wrote card to Mama and Grandma Terry


  • Agnes (Schecal) Terry, at "81 years" of age died on Con 3, Hillier Township,  July 18th, 1913.  She had been suffering for "about 2 years" with "Gangrene" and "Asthma" for "One Month" .

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Grave stone for Agnes Schecal and Harvey Terry at Christ Church, Hillier, Ontario.