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Ole Olson Raalien 

(aka Rolien/Rolein/Olson*)


Birth:            10 Dec 1844     Vinger, Norway

Death:          28 Jun 1935      Naicam, Saskatchewan, Canada 

Father:         Ole Pedersen Stomnervangen    1814-1906  Norway

Mother:         Karen Andersdatter Flaksrud     1818-1860  Norway


Spouse:    Rangdi  Johannson   (or Randi Johannesdatter)

Birth:            19 Sept  1849      Vinger, Norway

Death:                       1925      Thief River Falls, Minnesota 

Father:       Johannes Paulsen Josefberget       1822-1869      Norway

Mother:       Andrine Jensdatter   1820-unknown                     Norway


Marriage:    abt 1867  Norway (1900 census states they had been married 33 years)

  * What's in a name? Where did the name Olsen (or Olson) come from? Good questions. Perhaps the following excerpt from 'Remembering Grannie Irwin (Emma Raalien Irwin 1885-1976)' by Wendy Fraser provides the answer.

"As mom (Verona Irwin Thorne Fraser) remembered the story, great-grandfather Raalien co-signed a loan for a friend. The friend couldnít make the payments and skipped town. Then the bank and the authorities turned their focus to great-grandfather, who couldnít make the payments, either. The family was forced to make hurried arrangements to abandon their homestead and move on to a fresh start somewhere else.

Grannie never forgot the experience of leading the family cow down the back roads and trails, under cover of darkness, after they packed up all they could carry in their wagon and left their home for the final time.

Mom was always under the impression that this was when the family name changed from Raalien to Olsen. The surname Olsen was as common in Minnesota at that time as the names Smith or Jones are today. Another family of Olsens moving into an area was not going to attract much attention from anyone."


Children:    They had 12 children (in 1900 11 of them were living)

Karen Raalien      b: 11 Jul 1868 Vinger Norway  -  d: 1931 Murdock, Minn.      Married Ole Reistad (born 1865, Norway) in 1890.

Andrea Raalien    b: 15 Apr 1872  Calmar, Iowa   -  d:  Jan 1943  Middle River, Minn. Married Bernard Anderson (born Feb 1865,Norway) in 1890,Donnelly Minn.

Inger Raalien      b:  03 Apr 1874  Kandiyohi County, Minn  -  d:  24 Aug 1949 Rugby, ND

Olaus Raalien    b: 11 Nov 1875  Kandiyohi County, Minn  -  3 Aug 1953 Duncan, BC

Anna [Annie] Raalien      b:  22 Sep 1877  -   d: 21 Jul 1976 Dawson Creek, BC,

Johan [John] Raalien  b:  22 Aug 1879  Swift County, Minn - d: 19 May 1958 Rendsville Township, Minn

Berthea Raalien    b:  24 Jul 1881  -  d: unknown (but probably before 1885 Census)

Maria [Mary] Raalien    b:  02 06 1883  Swift County, Minn  -  d:  Jan 1923, Thief River Falls, Minn

Emma Raalien    b: 30 May 1885  Swift County, Minn  -  d: 05 Oct 1976  Quesnel,BC

Bertha [Betty] Raalien   b: 15 Apr 1887  Swift County, Minn  -  d: 1965  San Luis Obispo, Calif

Peder [Peter] Raalien   b: 14 Mar 1889  -  d: 10 Jun 1935 Hoover Dam, Nev

Olivia [Ollie] Raalien    b:  25 Sep 1891  Grant County, Minn -  d: 05 Nov 1952  Thief River Falls, Minn

Notes for Ole ...
  • In the 1875 Minnesota State Census, Ole is registered as Ole O Raalien residing in Norway Lake, Kandiyohi, Minnesota.  He was 29.  Living in the household with him were: Randi Raalien F age 25; Karen Raalien F age 6; Andrea Raalien F age 3 (born in Iowa); Inger Raalien F aged 1. 

 Ole at his Saskatchewan cabin
 1875 Minnesota Territorial & State Census for County Kandiyohi

  • In the 1880 US Federal Census, Ole is registered as Ole O. Rolie residing in Kerkhoven, Swift County, Minnesota.   His age is listed as 33.  Living in the household are Ragiuld Rolie age 27, Karen Rolie 11, Andrea Rolie 9, Inger Rolie 7, Olaus Rolie 5, Anne Rolie and John Rolie 1.   Under profession, Ole is listed as 'Husband' and Ragiuld is 'Housekeeper'. Andrea is listed as being born in Iowa while the other children are born in Minnesota (except for Karen who was born in Norway).


  • In the 1885 Minnesota State Census, Ole is registered as Ole Raalien residing in Kerkhoven, Swift County, Minnesota.  His age is listed as 40.  Also living in the household were: Randi Raalien F age 38; Karen Raalien F age 16; Andrina Raalien F age 13 (born in Iowa); Inger Raalien F aged 11; Olaus Raalien M age 9; Anna Raalien F age 6; Johan Raalien M age 5 and Maria Raalien F age 2.


  • In the 1900 US Federal Census Ole is registered as the head of the family living in Maple Grove Township, Crow Wing County, Minnesota.  His age is listed as 54 years old (born Dec 1845), married for 33 years, 12 children (11 living at time of census), of which 6 were still living at home. The youngest, Olivia, was 8 years of age.  The record indicates Ole had been born in Norway and immigrated to the US in 1868.  There are some part numbers and letters for his occupation but unreadable.  He could read and write and speak English.
Ole by log cabin on homestead in Saskatchewan.


by Olga Lowery (daughter) as written for
'Gleaning Along the Way' and posted on

Mr. Olaus Olson was the son of Ole and Rangdi Olson who had emigrated from Kongsvinger, Norway in 1865 and settled at Wilmar, Minnesota where he was born November 11, 1875.

   When a young man, he used to go to the logging camps during the winter and in the spring, he would be one of the log drivers keeping the logs moving down the river to the mills.  During the rest of the year he worked his farm.

   On January 25, 1903, he married Bedina Anderson, daughter of Arneluis Anderson.  They farmed the area of Middle River until they came to Canada in 1909.  Here they raised a family of ten children, in the area which later became Naicam. 

   Here he farmed and did blacksmithing for his neighbours.  Mrs. Olson always grew a big garden which she often shared with those who needed help.  They were willing workers for the church.  Mrs. Olson being on of the first in membership of the Lutheran Ladiesí Aid there.  The older children attended the Lac Vert School, the younger ones attended the Naicam School. 

   Mr. Olsonís father lived his last years with them, passing away in his hundredth year.

   In 1938, their son Eddy had acquired a farm south of Watson so it was decided his parents should come and live with him.  Eddy and his brother Oscar did mixed farming and raised mink.  Here they left for British Columbia where several of their other children lived.

   Mr. and Mrs. Olson enjoyed many years after their retirement in British Columbia, with most of their family near.

   Mr. Olson passed away August 1953; Mrs. Olson in January, 1961.


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