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Stephen REED


Birth:  1767    Place:  Freeport, Maine  ()

Death:  1863   Freeport, Maine

Father:   Bartholomew READ (~1723-~1813)

Mother:   Miss HARRIS


Spouses:  Mary GRANT  (1880 US Census for William Bradford Reed states his mother's [Mary Grant] birthplace as Maine USA)



Hannah ( Dec 9, 1789-1850. Married Samuel Alden.)

Daniel (March 19, 1791-1856.  Married Rachal Loring. )

Rebecca (Sept 20,1793-.  Married Andrew Reed, son of John.)

Jeremiah B. (July 28 1795-.  Married Mercy, daughter of Zebulon Reed))

Prudence (Oct 23, 1799-.  Married Benjamin Mayo.)

Stephen (Dec 1801-1836 in Havana)

Philander (July 11, 1803-.  Married Jeremiah Ladd)

Nicholas G. (Jan 26 1805-.  Was an Advent preacher.)

Mary (June 26,1807-.  Married Henry Cram.  Lived in Holyoke, Mass.)

William Bradford (July 13,1809-1895)


Notes for Stephen Reed
  • Seems to be the first one to spell his name "Reed".

Birthplace:  Freeport Maine is stated on  1880 US Census for William Bradford Reed states his father's [Stephen Reed] birthplace as Maine USA.  Freeport, Maine is also listed as father's place of birth on death registry of son, William B. Reed.

Family notes and letters.

Edwin C. Reed's "Genealogy and History of the Ancestry of Edwin C. Reed where within he notes " obtained from old records, from previous histories and personal recollections.  On the whole, however, the records herein may be taken as accurate."  and "For much of the information ... I am greatly indebted to the "History of the Reed Family" by Jacob Whittemore Reed published in 1861." 

For interest:  There is a registered marriage for a Stephen Reed to a Polly Grant 28 August 1788 in Cumberland Main. Family Search; index project M50352-2; System origin Maine-ODM; source film # 10812