Sir Thomas READ


Birth:    1569  Brockett Hall, Berkshire, England

Died:    Dec 20, 1650 in England

Father:  Sir Thomas READ (~1545-)

Mother:  Mary BROCKET


Spouse:  Mary CORNWALL

Birth:  abt 1565, Berkshire, England

Father:    Sir Thomas CORNWALL, Lord of Shropshire

Mother:   Elizabeth Woodruff



Crompton (~1581-.  Married Mary daughter of Gilbert Cornwall of Berford. )

Edward (~1583-)

Thomas (~1585-1663)

William (1587-. Brockett Hall, England.  Died April 9, 1656.  Married Mabel Kendall.)

John (~1589-)




Family notes and letters.

Edwin C. Reed's "Genealogy and History of the Ancestry of Edwin C. Reed where within he notes " obtained from old records, from previous histories and personal recollections.  On the whole, however, the records herein may be taken as accurate."  and   "For much of the information ... I am greatly indebted to the "History of the Reed Family" by Jacob Whittemore Reed published in 1861." 


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