Thomas READ


Birth:  ca 1610 England

Death:  ca 1666 

Father:  Thomas READ (~1585-1663)

Mother:  Alsea READ [MARRIED]


Spouse:   Mary ENDICUTT [sic]

Father:  Governor ENDICUTT [sic]



Susana (baptized Sept 23 1649-)

John (April 15, 1651- Aug 21, 1661)

Mary (April 10, 1653-)

Elizabeth (bp May 13, 1655-)

Remember (bp Feb 26, 1657-)

Jacob (Dec 22, 1658-Dec 22, 1658)

Sarah (Mar 15, 1660 - March 4, 1662)

Jacob (June 7, 1662 - Sept 1663)

Jacob (bp Sept 7, 1663-.  Married Elizabeth Green [born Feb 20, 1667] in Dec 1693)

John (August 21, 1664-)

Sarah (Oct 14, 1665-)










Notes for Thomas Read


  • Mary, said to be the daughter of Governor Endicutt [sic].  Lived at one time in Lynn.  Was appointed ensign, and in 1647 was made captain.  Had several lots of land granted him in Salem of class called 10 acre lots.  Probably died soon after birth of youngest child as wife was known soon after as Widow Mary Read.  Last known is in 1666 when he conveyed some land in Salem to Richard Richards.



Family notes and letters.

Edwin C. Reed's "Genealogy and History of the Ancestry of Edwin C. Reed where within he notes " obtained from old records, from previous histories and personal recollections.  On the whole, however, the records herein may be taken as accurate."  and   "For much of the information ... I am greatly indebted to the "History of the Reed Family" by Jacob Whittemore Reed published in 1861." 

Vital Records of Salem Massachusetts to the end of the year 1849 -  Births and Marriages, Published by The Essex Institute, Salem, Mass 1918