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Hugh O'Neill [Neill] MORRISON


Birth:   15 Sep 1889   Saint John, New Brunswick

Death:  unknown

Father:    William Sommerville MORRISON (1849-1938)

Mother:    Mary KENNEDY (1854-1936)


Spouse:   Florence HEATHCOTE

Marriage:  1920   London, England





Further information for Hugh O'Neill [Neill] Morrison



  • He wanted to be a farmer. Left home at 18 years of age.


  • Very little is known about Neill.  Records show he went to England and there married.


  • Last heard from in 1932.


  • "Mary [Kennedy] Morrison made the boys learn to care for the home and it's paid off over the years."  Irene (Shaw) Morrison speaking of the boys ability to cook and clean. (February 9, 1955)




Hugh O'Neill Morrison

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The Morrison boys. Left: James Kennedy [Ken],  back centre: Frank Sifford,  right: Hugh O'Neill [Neill] and front centre: Fraser Campbell.

1. Irene (Shaw) Morrison