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Frank Sifford MORRISON


Birth: 20 Nov 1887 Place: Saint John, New Brunswick

Death: 30 Mar 1976 Place: Ganges, Salt Spring Island, BC

Father: William Sommerville MORRISON MD (1849-1938)

Mother: Mary KENNEDY (1854-1936)


Spouse:   Beulah Foster REED

Birth: 20 Sep 1889 Place: Cambridge, Mass. U.S.A.2

Religion: Christian -- became Catholic during her last stay in hospital.

Death: 22 Jul 1948 Place: Salt Spring Island, British Columbia3

Burial Place: St Pauls Church, Fulford Harbour, Salt Spring Island, BC

Father: Clarence Gilman REED (1844-)

Mother: Emma Ritchie FOSTER (1849-~1920)


Marriage:   6 Aug 1913 Place: Atlantic, Mass



Mary "Molly" Reed  (1914-1998)

Elizabeth "Betty" Reed (1914-1999)

Margaret "Peggy" Campbell  (1921-1988)

Frank with daughters (L-R) Molly, Peggy and Betty Aug 20 1952

Spouse (2): 

Martha Daiziel "Dulcie" (nee Ure) Cutler

Birth: 20 Aug 1898 Place: Glasgow, Scotland

Marriage: 15 04 1953  (2nd marriage for both)

Children:  None




Good friends Dulcie Cutler and Beulah (Reed) Morrison, caught on camera by street photographer (common at the time) in Vancouver.  Beulah married Frank in 1913; Dulcie married Frank in 1954 

Notes Frank Sifford MORRISON

TIME LINE as printed by Chelhalis Indian Bay School, Harrison Mills, BC  August 1942

  •  Born ....................  St. John, New Brunswick, November 20, 1887
  • 1905 ....................  Graduate, St. John High School
  • 1906 ....................  Graduate, Normal School, Fredericton, N.B., Manual Training Teacher's Certificate
  • 1906-1908 ............  Manual Training Instructor, St. Stephen, Milltown, New Brunswick
  • 1909 ....................  Harvard University, Summer School Certificate in Drawing, Painting and Design
  • 1908-1912 ............  Resident House Master, Rothesay Collegiate School, New Brunswick
  • 1912-1913 ............  Principal, Manual Training School, St. John, New Brunswick
  • 1913 ....................  British Columbia, First Class Manual Training Teacher's Certificate
  • 1913-1914.............  Manual Training Instructor, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • 1913-1915 ............  Instructor (Residential Master), Langara School, Vancouver.  Manual Training, Art, Social Studies
  • 1915-1916 ............  Instructor Manual Training and Drawing, Calgary High School
  • 1916-1923 ............  Instructor Manual Training, High and Public School Art, Industrial Arts, Normal Schools, Camrose and Calgary, Alberta
  • 1920 ....................  Alberta Teacher's Certificate, Public and High School Art
  • 1923-1932 ...........  Interior Designer, Los Angeles; David Spencer Ltd Vancouver; Jordan's Ltd Vancouver; Frank Morrison Ltd Vancouver
  • 1932-1938 ............  Resident Ganges Harbour [Salt Spring Island] Designing and Building
  • 1938-1939 ............  Interior Designer, Chelsea Shop Ltd. Vancouver (Did the Royal Suite in Government House, for King and Queen)
  • 1939-1941 ............  Studying Journalism, Montreal, Quebec  
  • 1941, Feb 22  .......  Rejected by Canadian Active Service Force.
  • Additional Training .. Completed Correspondence courses in (1) Architecture  (2) Commercial Design and Illustration  (3) Interior Design and Furnishing  (4) Journalism  (5) Fiction Technique  (6) Many years of study, pianoforte and pipe-organ --- experienced organist and choir director.
  • References ..........  Dr. G. Fred McNally, Deputy Minister of Education, Edmonton.  Mr. G. F. Manning, Instructor Social Studies, Normal School, Edmonton,  Mr. Gilbert Mouat, Merchant, Ganges Harbour, B.C. 
  • 1942 ..... ...............  Teacher, Chehalis Indian Bay School, Harrison Mills, B.C.

Time Line continues from daughter, Peggy Morrison's calendars.

  • 1946 ....................... Living on Mathers Avenue, West Vancouver during earthquake. 
  • 1953 ........................ Married Martha Dalziel "Dulcie" (nee Ure) Cutler (b Aug 20 1898)
  • 1967 ........................ 06 04 Fell & cracked hip bone.
  • 1968 ........................ Back in Victoria hospital
  • 1972 ........................ Moved from Victoria into the extended care unit of Salt Spring Island's Lady Minto Hospital
  • 1975 ........................ Younger brother, Fraser, dies in Quebec
Picture above was taken prior to the Spring of 1920.  It was used on the Faculty page of the "Normalite" - the Camrose Normal School's publication.

Self-description (date unknown):

I am five foot eleven tall, 32 inch waist and wear a size 40 jacket; and I prefer an easy rough tweed with leather buttons and grey flannel slacks.   I am lean of face and body weighing about 150 lbs.  I am crowed with a mane of crisp whitish hair that has to be frequently brushed to make it lie down when it insists on kinking into troublesome waves.  There is a narrow black skunk streak directly in the centre­­­ of my "widow’s peak” which is evidence of my black-haired youth.  My eyebrows are so bush that I have to keep them clipped or they laugh in the horn rims of my glasses.  My eyes are Irish blue; indeed my ancestors came from the north of Ireland.  They say my face resembles that of the late King George.  I can’t verify that of course but perhaps you get a rough idea of what I look like now.




  • Frank's mother "[Mary (Kennedy) Morrison] made the boys learn to do in the house and it's paid off over the years."  Irene Shaw-Morrison speaking of the boys ability to cook and clean February 9, 1955
  • "Frank has taken to the piano again and is composing some (his words) corny music.  He deserves to enjoy his music for he sure worked hard to acquire it. and likely gets lots of joy too."  Irene Shaw-Morrison January 10, 1963

Morrison boys L-R  - Frank , Hugh "Neil" and James "Ken"  Frank Morrisoncaca 1889 Left: James Kennedy "Ken",  back centre: Frank Sifford,  right: Hugh O'Neill "Neill" and front centre: Fraser Campbell. 
  • "[Beulah] didn't have an easy time getting [Molly, Betty and Peggy] raised.  Frank never did learn to handle money, in fact none of the [Morrison] family did.  His father was a very poor business man and it took Fraser a long time.  Oh well, life is full of ups and downs and makes interesting looking back." Irene Shaw-Morrison January 18, 1965
  • "Frank will find the new place austere for he likes his own choice of surroundings and his own things no matter how much extra trouble they are to someone.  But that was always his way, even when he couldn't afford it."  Irene Shaw-Morrison June 27, 1972, speaking of his May 9, 1972 move from Victoria into the extended care unit of Salt Spring Island's Lady Minto Hospital.
 Frank & Beulah with Molly & Betty
 Frank with Beulah and daughters Molly and Betty ca 1915  Frank and Beulah with Molly and betty ca 1919
 Frank Sifford Morrison with daughters Molly & Betty
 Frank with 5 month old twin daughters
 at 3562 12th Avenue West, Vancouver, BC

Beulah, Frank and twins Molly & Betty 
 Frank, Beulah & twins 1916

  • Frank S. Morrison - The Artist

    Frank Morrison's art spanned a number of mediums - pen and ink drawings, water colours and wood working.

    Many of his water colours and pen and ink sketches were scenes of British Columbia's  Salt Spring Island. 

Pen and ink drawing on the beach of "Tipperary", Salt Spring Island. 

Water colour of Ganges Harbour, Salt Spring Island.

  • "Had a letter from Dulcie this week and a report on Frank.  Fraser says he's not surprised if his brothers 'nerves' have caught up to him, he always had them even as a youngster, inclined to mood at times and always inclined to be a 'cat that walked by himself'.  But its very wearing on everybody concerned.  I know how Fraser wore me when he had a nervous breakdown some 33 years ago, but he was only 41 and gradually pulled out of it.  He was never crabby but didn't want to do anything on his own.  Its a very miserable affair."   Irene Shaw-Morrison December 10, 1964


  • Frank S. Morrison - The Writer

Frank Morrison's poetry is endearing ... from the poems he wrote to his daughter, Peggy, to a number he printed in the Vancouver Sunday Province newspaper.  

His works of pros are few and those not captivating.

He also at times (not often) kept a journal which gives glimpses into his own thoughts.  

Archives also contain a number of his business and personal letters.

Click here or on image to enlarge Sunday Province Vancouver BC Newspaper ca June 1930

Click here or on image to make larger a 1930 poem to his daughter Peggy 


  • Frank S. Morrison - The Designer

Frank worked as a designer/decorator covering everything from theatre and home design to furniture and carpeting.  

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1.   Family records and archives including writings by Frank S. Morrison

2.   Letters from Irene (Shaw) Morrison and Fraser Morrison to Peggy (Morrison) Bryan

3.   "Family Bible - Holy Bible Old & New Testments - Appointed to be read in churches," Oxford: Printed at the University Press, and sold by Thomas Nelson and Sons, New York M,DCCC.LXIX, Passed down to Margaret Campbell Morrison then to Sherrie Patricia Bryan after which it will go to Bryan Arthur Thorne, Estate of Sherrie Patricia Bryan.

4.  Laurie (Mouat) Fiander

5.  Cowichan Leader, Found in Family Bible, August 12, 1948, Clipping.

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