Thorne & Bryan Genealogy
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Birth:   17 Oct 1834     Place: Lowell, Mass 68

Death:   23 May 1913  Melvern Square, Nova Scotia 68

Father:   Daniel MORRISON (1809-1876)

Mother:   Margaret CAMPBELL (1810-1869)


Spouse:   Thomas William OUTHIT 65

Birth:       14 Mar 1825   Wilmont, Nova Scotia

Death:     30 Oct 1914   Place: Melvern, Nova Scotia

Father:     John Francis Outhit  (1789-1865)

Mother:    Arabella S. Brymer  (1787-1887)


Marriage:  19 Dec 1855



J Frank  ( - 1996)

Lavinia  (1828 Margaretsville, Nova Scotia - 1914 - possibly Melvin Square, Nova Scotia)  married Thomas Aynsley Margeson (1828 Wilmot NS -1883 Church Grove, Melvern Square, Nova Scotia)


Infant John  (1856 - 1858)

Daniel Morrison (1863-1958)  ♦ see notes below

James S

Maryan  (1871-1917)

William E  (1873-1918)

  NOTE:  In the background of photo, another stone marked "Outhit". No further information about this stone at this time.  
Church Grove Cemetery, Melvern Square, Annapolis Co, Nova Scotia
Photos taken January 11, 2006 by Nelson Labor. 

♦  1901 Census Ellen (at age 65) reports she immigrated to Canada in 1839. 
♦  According the the Melvern Square Community web site's history page, "Melvern Square was first settled by the New England planters and the Loyalists. Some of the earliest names were OUTHIT, Kerr, Baker, and Spurr."
♦  Excerpt from a letter writting by Irene (SHAW) MORRISON (wife of Fraser MORRISON) to their great-niece Peggy (MORRISON) BRYAN October 26, 1971.Excerpt from a letter written by Irene (SHAW) MORRISON (wife of Fraser MORRISON) to their great-niece Peggy (MORRISON) BRYAN October 26, 1971.
"Since I’ve started on descriptions brought to mind by the old ‘snaps’, a word about ‘Hillcrest’ might be in order.  One of your great-aunts named Ellen married an Outhit pronounced as if it was ‘oath-it’ and had 3 sons and I’ve a vague memory of hearing of a daughter who died young.  There was William who died a young man, and Frank who was a lawyer (Kentville, N.S. I think) and he had son or sons, on that Fraser met in Halifax about 1930.   

OUTHIT Dan - 'Hillcrest' Melvern Square, Nova Scotia  1917 09
OUTHIT Dan - 'Hillcrest' Melvern Square, Nova Scotia September 1917

Dan Outhit remained on the farm and had been widower many years when we visited there.  The house was huge and had once been divided into two when Dan married.  He had a housekeeper in our day and she sure was a hard working woman.  In the attic, a big clean bright place, was a big spinning wheel, not to sit at, but to stand for spinning, and there was spun yarn for Dan’s socks, the wool coming from the one black sheep in his small flock.  He said he always had a black one so that he’d have dark socks with no dye.  

There was a big orchard, cattle, a few pigs, five horses and yoke-team of oxen.  Dan kept them for heavy work and what they can move with their slow steady pull is amazing.  “If the oxen can’t move it, it can’t be moved.”  Today would need a bulldozer ad a crane.  Dan was public minded and was treasurer of Annapolis County for 40 years, but held no other office or position, but no man went into local politics without stops at ‘Hillcrest’ to seek his advice.  He was 93 when we last heard from him. 

Your grandmother [Mary – wife of Dr. William S MORRISON] told me that Dan and his Annie had come to St John to do some shopping (they used to drive north to Fundy shore and come over to St John by ‘schooner’).  Anyway, mother showed them to a bedroom and says Dan, ‘Aunt Mary, don’t you think you’re a bit previous, we aren’t married yet.’  It must have been a jolt to that nice lady, but it shows how one can get wrong ideas.”