Thorne & Bryan Genealogy
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Birth:  25 Jun 1809  Place: Ramelton, County Donegal, Ireland 1

Death:  6 May 1876  Place: Wilmot, Annapolis Co, Nova Scotia 2

Burial Place:  Plot 21A,   Church Grove Cemetery, Melvern Square, Annapolis Co, Nova Scotia

Father:  William MORRISON

Mother:  Elizabeth


Spouse:  Margaret CAMPBELL

Birth:  28 Aug 1810   Place: County Donegal, Ireland 1

Death:  9 Nov 1869  Place: Wilmot, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia

Father:  George CAMPBELL

Mother:  UNNAMED

Marriage:  18 Apr 1830  Place: Moville, Ireland by Rev Robert Rodgers 3 



George (1831-1833)

Elizabeth "Eliza" (1832-1932)

Ellen (1834-1913)

Katherine "Kate"  (1836-)

Margaret (1839-)

James (1841-)

Mary Ann (1843-)

Thomas (1846-1865)

William Sommerville (1849-1938)

Photos of and in Church Grove Cemetery taken January 11, 2006 by Nelson Labor.
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 Above: winter picture taken January 10, 2006
 Notes for Daniel MORRISON


  • The 1861 Wilmot Census stated Daniel Morrison's family consisted of 5 males and 3 females. Females would probably have been mother, Margaret Campbell, and daughter Eliza and the daughter who would become Mrs. Stewart of Jeanerette, Louisiana while the males would be father Daniel and sons William Sommerville plus three males unaccounted for and not mentioned in Eliza Morrison's obituary . 5


  • Daniel and his family lived in Wilmot, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia. The original builder/owner of their house location was PID 05029533 and built between 1827 and 1838 (It was not on the 1827 census but was on the 1838 census).  Architectural Comment: Gothic Revival style, one and one half story, wooden structure. Medium pitch side gable roof with a cross gable. Three bay facade with central doorway. Enclosed entryway with a pedimented front gable roof. Sidelights at door. Decorative fan shaped window in cross gable.
 Photographs of Daniel and Margaret's home taken of house October 17, 2003.
  • Registry of Death:  Annapolis County, Nova Scotia, Canada Daniel Morrison   Sex: M Age: 66 Condition Married, Where born: Ramelton , Parents' Names: William & Elizabeth Morrison, Occupation: -----, Parents living or dead: ----, Date & Place of Death 6 May 1876, Wilmot, Certified Cause of Death: Hemiplegia (A palsy that affects one side of the body), Informant: Robert Stewart, Where registered: Wilmot, Deputy Registrar: E. Cumminger 
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MORRISON - Church at Nictaux Falls built by Daniel Morrison after 1917 repairs
  • 1971 10 26 Letter MORRISON Irene nee SHAW to BRYAN Peggy nee MORRISON:    “The picture marked Church at Nictaux Falls [1917] was taken on Sunday when it was reopened after major repairs to its old body.  It was built by Daniel Morrison who was a carpenter-builder as well as a farmer.  Mother M [Mary (nee Kennedy) MORRISON) and I were driven there in the pictured rig by a neighbour whose name I’ve forgotten.  Nictaux lies to southward of Wilmot, after crossing Annapolis River and is more a district than a settlement.  But the church was good looking and sturdy and we were told that several around the countryside were Morrison built.  So you see the males of the clan have a good history of using their hands from ‘way back’.”
Annapolis River at Wilmot, Nova Scotia 1917 Annapolis River at Wilmot, Nova Scotia 1917
Annapolis River at Wilmot, Nova Scotia 1917
The Registry of Death indicates Daniel Morrison was born in Ramelton, County Donegal, Ireland.  He was married to Margaret Campbell in Moville, County Donegal, Ireland.  The reference map (right) shows Ramelton and Moville circled.

For more information on Ramelton and Moville, visit these websites.  Ramelton at   and for an interesting insight into the history of  Moville visit 


1. Sheila Lauraine "Laurie" Mouat (ID#, January 19, 2002.  Laurie (married name Fiander) prepared a genealogy package "In Loving Memory of Beulah Foster Reed Morrison September 20, 1888 to July 22, 1948" on behalf of Beulah's descendants and took said package to a Family Reunion of the Descendants of Clarence Gilman Reed approximately 1997 in Massachusetts. Her time, efforts, contributions and representations were appreciated by the family branch she was representing and those that met her during the reunion. The information marked by this source was taken from that book.

2. 108.  Death Registry Name:

3. Irene Morrison's letters to Peggy (Morrison) Bryan.

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