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John  Morehouse

Birth:       1761      Place: Redding, Connecticut, USA

Death:     23 Apr 1839      Place:  Sandy Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada

Burial:     Church of the Nativity, Sandy Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada

Father:    Joseph Morehouse  (1723/24-1770)

Mother:   Elizabeth Silliman  (Feb 1 1725 or 1726)


Spouse:  Mary Jones

Birth:    1762    Place:  New York, New York, USA   

Death:   2 Mar 1812  Place:  Sandy Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada

Father:   John Jones


The Old Road, as the family calls the Morehouse house in Sandy Cove is pictured here in the early 1940s. It was built about 1860 by Jones Morehouse. The first Morehouse dwelling on the property was a log cabin by the shore built by John and Mary Morehouse, who came to Digby Neck with the United empire Loyalists in 1784.
photo by: Courtesy of Gwen Quigley
John Morehouse grave at Church of the Nativity, Sandy Cove, Nova Scotia.  Photo by Carol Quigley Measham.







Samuel  (1795-1857)


(+3 others)


Notes for John Morehouse:

  • John & Mary were United Empire Loyalists (UEL).


  • At age 21, along with his wife, Mary and her father, John Jones, John immigrated to Canada, from New York, in 1783.   They had land grants in Sandy Cove, Digby County, Nova Scotia.
Sandy Cove photograph by Carol Quigley Measham taken January 2007.  Three churches seen in the centre of this photograph are  the Church of the Nativity built in 1844 (highest and left of centre) ), the Baptist Church built in 1849 (lowest and centre) and the Zion United Church built in 1857 (right of centre).
  • In Sabine's "American Loyalists of the Revolution " mention is made of three Morehouses as follows:

    (1) "Morehouse, Daniel, of Connecticut, a member of the Reading Association. He became an officer in the Queen's Rangers, and retired at the close of the war on half pay. He went to New Brunswick and was a magistrate and major in the militia. He died in the County of York in 1835, aged 77."

    (2) "Morehouse, James. A grantee of St. John, New Brunswick, in 1783."

    (3) " Morehouse, John, of Connecticut, a member of the Reading Association. He settled in Nova Scotia and at his decease was one of the oldest magistrates in the Colony. He died on Digby Neck in 1839, aged 78."

  • Along with other Loyalists John & Mary arrived at Sandy Cove in the Township of Digby, where they had been promised grants by Amos Botsford. They petitioned grants to their lands, which Botsford was refusing. Warrant to Survey. Surveyor's Certificate. Surveyor's Report: 27,797 acres. Sandy Cove. Township of Digby.   All four pages of the memorial may be viewed on the Government of  Nova Scotia web site for these Land Grant papers.

  • On one line of the Warrent to Survey it reads: "N22 Conl of 100 Acres unto John Morehouse" (shown highlighted at right).


  • The last document in the grouping was the Surveyor's Certificate.
  • In 1823 a petition was submitted to the authorities requesting that the Digby neck ... a narrow peninsula which among others held Sandy Cove ... be divided and the western half plus islands be annexed to Weymouth Township which sits across St Marys Bay.   The then secretary of the Province was to ascertain whether this was something the locals wanted.  His report, in part, which includes conversations with John Morehouse (highlighted) is shown in blue box to right.


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2.  Publication:  "330 Years of Morehouse Genealogy 1640-1970" by Manzer Syper Morehouse.


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