Thorne & Bryan Genealogy
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Wilhelmina [Minnie] Hilda LIESKE

Birth: 1874 Place: Germany or Russia

Death: 8 Sep 1949 Place: Vancouver, British Columbia1

Burial: ............................ Place: Vancouver, British Columbia

Father: Friedrich LIESKE (1842-1908)

Mother: Wilhelmina [Minnie] ECHART (1843-1926)


Spouse:  James Colin BRYAN

Birth: 7 Dec 1850 Place: Clayton, Ontario

Death: 22 Oct 1932 Place: Vancouver, British Columbia2,3

Burial: 25 Oct 1932 Place: Vancouver, British Columbia

Father: Hugh O'BRIEN (~1798-1880)

Mother: Laura Ann TOOLEY (1816-1870)

Marriage: 10 Sep 1898 Place: Neudorf, Saskatchewan4



Roy Clifford (1899-1986)

Stanley [Stan] Guy (1901-1977)

Alva [Alvin] Edison (1903-1986)

Minnie Emma (1904-1904)  Born August 1904 and died Sept 27 1904

Ray Max (1906-1991)

Elmer Ira (1909-2000)

Pearl Eva (1913-1997)

Charles Leslie [Les] (1915-)

Ada May (1918-)



Spouse:   JANES (Wilhelmina's 2nd husband)



Wilhelmina Hilda (nee Lieske) Bryan with her first four sons: Roy standing (rear) born 1899, Stanley standing (right) born 1901, Alvin (sitting) born 1903 and Ray (standing at knee) born 1906.

Further information Wilhelmina Hilda Lieske:



  • A note from Minnie - a 1919 note from Wilhelmina to her niece Minnie (Krieger) Hazen who moved to Idaho written about this time.  

Wilhelmina with grandson Ross 1944.

Wilhelmina Hilda (nee Lieske) Bryan in 1920

Remembrances from family:

  • Minnie and her family came to Canada in 1893.
  • Not only was Wilhelmina a good mother to her husband’s children and their children, she was also a favourite aunt to nieces and nephews. Marvin and Maxine Lieske have "very fond memories of Aunt Minnie". It was somewhere around 1946 or 1947 when she last visited at their home. Marvin says, "I remember the handkerchiefs tied to resemble animals with stories to go along." Maxine reminded Marvin of Aunt Minnie "making shadows on the wall with her hands of different animals." "She just had a way with children," Marvin continued, "There was always a fight to see who got to sleep with Aunt Minnie. One morning I got teased because she said I was ‘too cuddly’. The next morning I woke up beside my Dad."


  • It wasn’t just on her visits to their homes that Wilhelmina showed her kindness. Erna Lieske recalls "our dear Aunt Minnie". "She was a very kind and gracious lady. She took me in when I was without a place to stay in Vancouver and without money. She also helped me find a job in nursing." The hospital where Erna worked was at that time owned by James C. and Wilhelmina. Erna was teased by her husband later saying "Erna got the job because she knew the lady that owned the hospital."

  • It was Wilhelmina's son, Les, who taught her how to sign her own name.

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Picture (right) is her son, Les (Charles Leslie Bryan) in 2003 holding a picture of his mother.