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Matilda KENNEDY 67


Birth:    1863   Ireland64

Death:   22 Nov 1898  Hampton, New Brunswick, Canada22

Father:   Rev James KENNEDY (1818-1898)

Mother:   Eliza CONN (1821-1875)


Spouse:  Never married.

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Notes for Matilda Kennedy


  • 1880 Census for New York City, New York  shows  Kennedy household:  Matilda , Race "W",  Gender "F",  Age "17",  marital status "S", occupation "teaching school",  Birthplace "Ireland", Father's birthplace "Ireland", Mother's birthplace "Ireland".   Other people in the household were her father, James Kennedy,  her sisters Mary, Lizzie and Sarah, as well as a servant named Ellen Kuhan. 


  • The following are excerpt   is from a book titled Prayer by James Kennedy (as stated on hard cover) or Thoughts on Prayer by Rev. James Kennedy, D.D., Late Pastor of the Fourth Reformed Presbyterian Church, New York City, and author of "Christ In The Song." (As stated on first page)

"This sketch would scarcely be complete without a particular reference to Matilda Kennedy, the daughter who was the constant companion of her father during his last years. She was companion, care-taker, amanuensis, and it was she who provided for the publication of this volume as a Memorial. He devotion was so unremitting that she denied herself the ease and change of place which might have improved her health and prolonged her days. He health was not vigorous, and after the shock of a father's death it declined rapidly. In November, 1898 _ about ten months after the aged father _ she closed her earthly life and went to her reward. She lived in quietness and did her part _ a part that was rich in spiritual significance, and to those who know, a memory of precious worth."