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Eliza "Lizzie" KENNEDY67

Birth:   1858   Ireland 64

Death:  There was some mention that she may have died in St John, New Brunswick and buried in New York.


Father:    Rev James KENNEDY (1818-1898)

Mother:    Eliza CONN (1821-1875)


Spouses:  Unknown


Notes for Eliza "Lizzie" Kennedy:


  •  "Always referred to as Lizzie."


  • 1880 Census for New York City, New York  shows  Kennedy household:  Lizzie , Race "W",  Gender "F",  Age "22", marital status "S",  Birthplace "Ireland", Father's birthplace "Ireland", Mother's birthplace "Ireland".   Other people in the household were her father, James Kennedy,  her sisters  Mary, Sarah and Matilda, as well as a servant named Ellen Kuhan. 

Click on picture of "Kennedy" entry in 1880 New York City, New York Census  

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The sampler measures approximately 8.5 x 12.25 inches (21.59 x31.12 cm).  Material is course and colours are strong.  1970 was the year the Kennedy family came by ship from Newtownlimavady, Ireland to New York,  New York, USA.  It may have been done while on ship to pass some hours away.