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Margaret Elizabeth JONES


Birth: 22 Apr 1893  Carleton County, Ontario 1

Death: 8 Jul 1978  Squamish, British Columbia 1

Father: Daniel JONES (1854-1936)

Mother: Sarah A. LARKIN (1870-1898)


Spouse:  Harold Arthur THORNE

Birth: 10 Jul 1894  Vancouver, British Columbia

 Death: 9 Mar 1984  Richmond, British Columbia 2

Father: Fred Clayton THORNE (1862-1948) 

Mother: Cora 'Emma' TERRY (1861-1946)


Marriage: 10 Feb 1915  Vancouver, British Columbia 3



Harold Arthur [Art] (1915-1987)

Dorothy Olive (1920-)

Clayton Larkin (1926-2011)



"Margaret worked in Vancouver before going to work as a housekeeper for the manager of Woodfibre Pulp Mill."

"Margaret met Harold in Squamish"

"After marriage, while her husband Harold worked for the PGE  (Pacific Great Eastern Railway), they lived in Brackendale.  They had two ranches.  One was 99 acres and the other 18 acres.  They lived on the 18 acres, then moved to the 99 acres. After selling the 99 acres for $2,800 (as relayed by their son, Clayton) they returned to the 18 acres which became the Circle T Guest Ranch."

"Aunt Margaret was my favourite aunt.  When I was fourteen years old I spent a month with them in Brackendale.  Dorothy was older than me by a few months.  Aunt Margaret was a good cook.  Clayton is so much like his mother.
" - Martha Black-Jefferson 2006

Daniel & Sarah Jones' children (l-r) Edith, Daniel, Olive & Margaret
Harold & Margaret on their wedding day Feb 10 1915 Harold & Margaret 1915
Margaret with her son, Art.  ca 1916 Margaret at Circle T Guest Ranch Brackendale, BC
   Squamish, BC, 1975  Left: Margaret (Jones) Thorne; Middle: with great-grandson, Bryan Thorne; Right: with great-grandsons Michael & Bryan Thorne and grandson, Terry Thorne.   
NOTES for Margaret (Jones) Thorne 

1948 April 13 LETTER EXCERPT written by her husband, Harold, from Brackendale to his sister Edna and brother-in-law Ralph Van Horne at 626 West 13th, Vancouver:  "...  I have been real busy trying to get things done.  You know it wont be long before the 24th of May [opening of Circle T Guest Ranch] and we must be in shape by then.  The material I ordered when I was down did not come until yesterday, but I changed my plans again and have the fireplace built and stained and varnished - also the bar.  I am almost through with the main hall, then for the kitchen although I have the most of it done.  Have not touched the grounds or garden yet but will get at it before long I hope.  Everything is looking green here now, so we may  be going to have some real weather after all.  Margaret is talking of trying to come home this coming Sunday if the Dr. will let her.  If so I will try and come down Saturday to come back with her, I also want to thank you all for what you have done for us both and for calling on Margaret while she has been down.  Everybody is O.K. here and hope you all are the same.  As ever. Harold."

1948 April 23 LETTER EXCERPT written by her father-in-law, Fred Thorne, from Brackendale to his daughter, Edna, and son-in-law Ralph Van Horne at 626 West 13th, Vancouver: " ... Margaret got home all right and not to tired. She has been fine so far, sleeps good and eats good. ..... You and Ralph should come up here some Saturday. You would both be pleased with work Harold has done on the Dude ranch.  He hopes to get it finished by the 24th of May.  Love to all Dad"

1946 August  LETTER EXCERPT w
ritten by her sister-in-law, Edna Thorne, from Brackendale to her husband, Ralph Van Horne regarding the care and moving of Fred Thorne after the death of his wife Cora Emma (nee Terry)  "Margaret Thorne has been wonderful."  The letter contains the plans to have Margaret's husband build Fred a cabin on their property so he can have his independence but not be alone, where he can "see the train as they cross the road by Minnies." Apparently itís where he wanted so, as he says, he can walk over to Brackendale store to get tobacco or the mail & close to where he gets his hair cut & he said (if all things) 'I like the bears and animals around'.  I guess itís the old hunter in him.  A big bear was on the track Sunday when we were up there. Well they have good water there ...."


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4. Terry Thorne's baby book has her born in Ottawa, Ontario.

5. Interview with Clayton Thorne summer of 2005.

6. Family photos

7.  Family Search  Index project CO1515-8 System origin Ontario -ODM Canada Source film 1846452


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