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Fred Middleton JONES

Birth:   18 Jan 1886  Ontario (Hillier?)

Death:   May 4, 1958  Vancouver (age 72)

Father:   George Bell JONES (1854-1937)

Mother:   Mary 'Alida' THORNE (1858-1928)


Spouse:   Lillian [Lil] Margaret WOODROW

Birth:  08 Aug 1883  England

Death:  29 Mar 1952  Vancouver

Father:  John Woodrow

Mother:  Sarah Ward


Married    Sept 4, 1911, Vancouver, British Columbia

No Children

Aliada (nee THORNE) with her children l-r Florence and Fred

Left: Alida with Florence & Ernest

JONES outing - Fred, Lil, Florence and Pauline in Stanley Park.  Percy Sills drives.
Jones - Woodrow Wedding Announcement
Fred Jones taken by Elite Studio, Vancouver
Photo, below, ca 1905. Top row: George B. Jones, Ralph Van Horne, George Van Horne. Middle row: Cornelia (Jones) Van Horne, Cora Niles, Alida (Thorne) Jones, Cleo (Chamberlain) Thorn, Bottom row: Fred Jones, Florence Jones, Babes, Sam Thorn.

Milner, British Columbia
As Bank Manager in Milner, B.C. Fred Jones, before he was married, lived upstairs above the bank.  In charge of the safety of the banks property, he was equipped with a pistol, just  in case.  He was a very mild mannered person and the thought of an intruder scared him near to death.

Jones - Woodrow newspaper wedding announce


  • Marriage information source: BC Archives Reg No 1911-09-064608, Microfilm No B11375, GSU Microfilm No. 1983703

  • Death information source:  BC Archives  Reg No 1958-09-005599, Microfilm No. B13237, GSU Microfilm No. 2033178

Fred Jones full portrait