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Draper William IRWIN

Birth:  7 Oct 1873 Timulkenny Farm, Drumcree, County Armagh, Ireland

Baptism:  19 Dec 1873   Drumcree, Ireland 2

Death:  25 Jul 1950   Quesnel, British Columbia 1


Father:  William IRWIN  (1840-)

Mother:  Sarah CHAMBERLAIN (1840-)  Born in England


Draper Irwin (left) 1910


Spouse:  Emma RAALIEN

Birth:  30 May 1885  Kerkhoven, Minnisota, USA 3

Death:  5 Oct 1976  Quesnel, British Columbia 3

Father:  Ole Olson RAALIEN

Mother: Rangdi JOHANNSON 


Marriage:   Feb 27 1900   Brainerd (Walker), Minnesota


Draper and Emma Irwin 1949



William John "Bill" (Apr 13 1901-27 Sept 1971).  Born: Hackensask Minn.                  Married Exilda "Toots" Crotteau 29 Jun 1925 Prince George, BC

Mabel Doris  (Oct 22 1903-3 Sept 1986)  Born: Hackensask Minn.                        Married William Henry Nichols  22 Nov 1922 Quesnel, BC

Verona Irene Winifred (1917-1998)



Draper in July 1918 with wife, Emma, and daughters Verona and Mabel.


Notes for Draper William IRWIN


  • Draper Irwin emigrated to the USA from Ireland through Ellis Island arriving May 17,1893 aboard the MV Anchoria.


  • He was a railroader as a young man but by the time Verona was born (1917) he was in BC's Cariboo arriving in 1910/11. 

Draper's compass believed brought from Ireland. Photo June 2 2003

  • The Cariboo Observer dated Nov 3 1945 reports


After farming for more than a quarter of a century at Dragon Lake, Draper Irwin has sold his farm to W. Annette, a returned man who is settling in the district.  

The Dragon lake community will be sorry to see Mr. and Mrs. Irwin give up the farm.  They will not be far away, however, as they have purchased the property of C. E. Walls, on McLean Street in Quesnel, where they will make their home in the future. 

  • Prior to the move to McLean St., Draper was the caretaker of the fire hall (living above) in Quesnel and was responsible for keeping the station and equipment clean and in good repair (which greatly impressed his grandson Terry).










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4. "Ellis Island Records - Passenger Search," November 9, 2001. (In the absence of a more thorough search) the general Ellis Islands Records web site indicates a Draper Irwin arrived 1893 at age 19. Although some family members believe he arrived earlier - at age 12 - the year (1893 ) and age (19) match our Draper Irwin.