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Eliza CONN


Birth:  29 Apr 1821  Place: Portrush or Coleraine, Ireland1

Death:  19 Dec 1875   Place of death:   334 W 55th Street, New York, New York

Place of burial:  Bronxville, Westchester, New York (See note below)


Father:  Thomas CONN

Mother:  Nancy MARTIN or STEWART


Spouse:  Rev James KENNEDY

Birth: 15 Aug 1818  Place: Bonn, Newtownlondonderry, Ireland

Death: 26 Jan 1898  Place: Saint John, New Brunswick2

Father:  Male Child KENNEDY (~1768-)

Mother:  Mrs. KENNEDY (~1768-)


Marriage:  9 May 1848  Place: Drumachose, Londonderry Co., Ireland



Thomas (-1863)

George  (abt 1850-)

Hugh   (1852-1871)

Mary (1854-1936)


Eliza "Lizzie" (1858-)

Sarah (1859-1887)

Matilda (1863-1898)





KENNEDY - CONN Marriage Registry 1848 05 09

1848 James Kennedy & Eliza Conn marriage registry.  Click on picture to enlarge


Notes for Eliza CONN


  • Aunt Irene Morrison has Coleraine as birthplace and also wrote "she was third child, being preceded by Jane and Margaret and followed by Anne, Mary, Sarah, Robert Thomas 1830-36, Hugh, Matilda, Robert Thomas (2nd) 1838-39, Ellen.


  • LDS Family Search submitters Dave and Kathy Morris had Eliza Conn's (wife of our James Kennedy ID #49) birth date as May 9 1848 and the place Drumachose, Londonderry, Ireland. This cannot be accurate since it is documented in the publication "Prayer" by James Kennedy that Eliza married James Kennedy in 1848.


  • After 5 years in New York Eliza fall victim to 'valve disease of the heart' and died at their New York city home on 334 West 55 Street at 9:20 am, December 19, 1875.  


  • June 2005: Manager of the Bronxville Cemetery in Westchester:  "The Kennedy plot is the first plot in the Cemetery on the right.  There are no names inscribed on the monument.  Just the name "Kennedy". " 


  • See Rev James Kennedy's page for his story is also Eliza's story.


Eliza Conn Death certificate link to larger
Eliza (nee Conn) Kennedy New York Death Certificate.  Click on picture to enlarge.
  • Samplers shown right were done by Eliza Conn, probably in her early or preteens.  They were scanned June 2005 ... excellent condition, great colour.  They have been done on punched heavy paper. 









1. Irene Morrison, date unknown, Information sent to Peggy Bryan.

2. F20744, 1999-2001 Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.

3. Death certificate