Phoebe CHASE


Birth:   abt 1772   Duchess County, New York

Death:   abt 1840   Hillier, Prince Edward cOntario

Father:   James P. CHASE

Mother:   Elizabeth "Betty" DOUGLAS


Spouse:   Samuel THORN

Birth:   abt 1771   Duchess County, New York

Death:   abt 1836   Hillier, Ontario

Father:   Robert THORN (~1734-1819)

Mother:   Sophia PELS (~1750-)

Marriage:   10 Feb 1794   Gagetown, New Brunswick




 Robert (1794-1866) 

Esther (1797-1797)  Buried October 23 1797 in Ontario

Seth (1802-) 

William (1808-1885)  His death has been noted as 1894.

Joseph (unknown ~1809-1810) Killed by accidental gun shot. Buried Aug 10 1810

Edward (1809-1809) Baptized Mar 9 1809. Buried Mar 19 1809.

Catharine Ann (1814-1870)

Elizabeth (1809-)

Sohpia (1815-)

Samuel Michael (~1817-1889)

Mary T. (~1822-)


Notes for Phoebe Chase

Excerpt from Pioneer Life on the Bay of Quinte published by Rolph & Clark Ltd. 1904 reads:   "Before leaving New Brunswick he [Samuel Thorn] married Phoebe Chase, whose sister Mary was the grandmother of the late Sir S. L. Tilly, of New Brunswick." 

It further states: " The Thorns came accompanied by such well-known country families as the Babbits, Morgans and Giles.  Samuel Thorn and his son Seth, who married Rhoda Babbit before leaving New Brunswick, worked a two hundred acre lot, on which they lived in two small houses."