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(was his name John and/or Charles [as suggested by note below from great granddaughter Florence nee Jones Ferguson] or are these two different people?)


Birth:  ca 1800. Ontario

Death:  ca 1865. Prince Edward County, Ontario.





Spouse:  Ann DETLOR

Birth:  ca 1800. Ontario

Death:  ca 1870. Ontario








Chloe [Cleo] Ann  (1841-1935)

John Chamberlain picture from the archives of  Mary and Bircham VanHorne.


From typewritten page entitled, "Charles Chamberlain" and signed off with: "Edna [nee Thorne/m Van Horne]: This is all I could find with reference to Grandma's Father.  I have copied it from a printed piece which I found in an old book. F. [The stylized initial "F" is that of Florence (nee Jones/m Ferguson).

"Charles Chamberlain.

Son of the late Dr. Chamberlain of Fredericksburgh, died on the 25th of April last, on shipboard between Panama and San Francisco while en route for British Columbia.  His death was caused by injury received by being thrown by a lurch of the steamer against the engine; the walking beam of which in passing up, took off his thumb and two fingers.  As they approached the tropics, mortification took place, and death released him from his sufferings ten days after the accident occurred.  His last words were characteristic of the life he had lived. 'I am ready and willing to die if it is the Lord's will.' 'Take good care of my dear wife and children and tell them I died happy.'  He was associated in his voyage and  comfortable in his death, by the presence of two nephews and a number of other friends from his own neighborhood.  He leaves a widow (his forth wife)and several children, to mourn the loss of a loving and affectionate father and husband. 
An intimate friend writes of him; 'It required more than ordinary intimacy with him to find out his real worth.  He had a heart which could sympathise with the afflicted and a disposition which could not say no to the demands of a friend.  Having to do with him under the various circumstances of life, I cannot but say that uprightness was on of his peculiar virtues, circumstances of development were not equal to the nobleness of the principles lying latent in his heart.  This world was hardly worth of him.'
Such are the sentiments uttered by on intimately acquainted with our deceased brother, respecting his worth, sentiments to which from my knowledge of him, I most heartily subscribe.  May his end under such sorrowful circumstances, be made a lasting blessing to those who mourn his departure. 
Napanee, July, 1862"  
Excerpt from A CYCLOPAEDIA of CANADIAN BIOGRAPHY (published 1886) on page 696 speaking of  SCOTT, John Russell of Napanee, Ontario.  "In 1862 he set out for the Golden State, by way of New York and the Isthmus, and during the early part of the voyage his fellow-traveller, Charles Chamberlain, was buried at sea.  Sad as this ceremony is at any time, it was doubly impressive to the subject of this sketch who felt inexpressibly solitary as the Caribbean waters closed over and hid forever the form of his friend.  The through trip lasted thirty days, and getting to work at once, he plodded steadily at his trade, which was that of millwright, and did such other business as fell in his way during the ensuing five years."