Elkanah Babbitt

Birth:     1690   Place: Berkley, Bristol County, MA

Death:   1754   Place:  Berkley, Bristol County, MA

Father:   Elkanah Babbitt  (1665-1735)

Mother:  Elizabeth Briggs 


First spouse:  Mary Hathaway  

Birth:  abt. 1691    

Death:   15 Aug 1729 

Father:   Isaac Hathaway

Mother:  Mary Pitts

Marriage:  1709, Taunton, Bristol County, MA



Mary  (1708, Berkley, Bristol County, MA -  bfr 1750.  Married Jacob Phillips 30 Oct 1732, Dighton, Bristol County, MA.)

Elkanah    (1710-1816) 

Jacob   (1715, Berkley, Bristol County, MA - 10 Sep 1811 Bristol, Bristol County, RI.  Married Mary Harvey 31 Mar 1737, Taunton, Bristol County, MA.)

Isaac   (15 Aug 1717, Berkley, Bristol, MA - 08 May 1777 Mendham, Morris, NJ.  Married Elizabeth Babbitt 12 Feb 1738/39 Berkley, Bristol County, MA)

Hopestill   (07 Jan 17 1720, Berkley, Bristol County, MA -  27 Oct 1787.  Married Eliphaz Harlow 18 Jan1737/38)

Phoebe   (06 Jun 1722, Berkley, Bristol County, MA - .  Married Caleb Eddy 11 Jul 1745 Halifax, Plymouth County, MA)

Marcy  (14 Jul 1726, Dighton, Bristol County, MA)

Deborah (1728- 05 May1794)


Second Spouse:  Mehitable Crane

Death:  after 1773

Father:  Stephen Crane

Mother:  Mary Denison

Married:  02 April 1730, Braintree, Suffolk County, MA



Marcy  (31 Dec 1730 -, Berkley, Bristol, MA)

Stephen (12 Dec 1732 -, Berkley, Bristol, MA)

Zephaniah (05 Jan 1734/35)

Samuel  30 Sep 1737 - 14 Jun 1807

Amariah  (16 May 1743)

Zerah  (1748 -)

Mehitable  (1749 -)

John (1750-)



Notes for Elkanah Babbitt

William Bradford Browne, a professional genealogist, was commissioned by the Babbitt families of New England to research their history. His findings were published in 1912 in a book titled "The Babbitt Family History 1643 - 1900".  The following are excerpts from that book:


  • Styled "Captain".  He resided in Berkley on a farm set off to him by his father from his own lands (lands of his father).  In some deeds called "of Dighton" into which town his land extended.  


  • Married (1st) Mary Hathaway, daughter of Isaac and Mary (Pitts) Hathaway.  She died 15 Aug, 1729, age 38.  
    Married (2nd) on 2 Apr 1730, Mehitable Crane, daughter of Stephen and Mary Crane, of Braintree, Mass.  She was living in 1773, at New Ashford, Mass. with her son, Amariah, as shown by a deposition recorded in Morristown, N.J.  

    Elkanah Babbitt "Victualled" in Worcester County, 1758
    Elkanah Babbitt "Centinel" Capt. Oulton's Co. at Richmond, Mass., Step 14 to Oct 3, 1747; also at Richmond, April 1 to Sept 23, 1747.


  • Elkanah Babbit was for years a leading figure in the town life of old Berkley.  In public and military life he took full lead.  When Berkley commenced its separate town government, the first town meeting took place in his house, May 12, 1735.  His sons early removed to Western, Conn, and Berkshire County, Mass, and were at one time in various towns situated along almost exactly the western bounds of Connecticut and Massachusetts, ranging from New Milford, Coon, to New Ashford, Mass.


  • In 1743, Elkanah seems to have disposed of all his land holding at Berkley and he appears thereafter for brief periods in some of the towns where his sons settled.  He perhaps accompanied his son Isaac to New Jersey; at any event he owned lands there in in April, 1754, was living at Mendham, N. J. , at which date he and wife Mehitabel deeded lands in Mendham situated near Malachi Holloways.  It is presumed that he finally returned to Berkley and died there after an adventurous and active life.  

    Deed Extracts:

    1 Jun 1738:  Elkanah Babbit of Berkley, Gent. deeds son Isaac Bobbet of Berkely, laborer, one-half of my homestead, being the south half thereof, bounded on east by land of Daniel Axtell".

    31 Mar 1743:  Elkanah Babbit, Gent. and Isaac Babbitt, laborer, deeded Benj. Chase, boatman, 5 acres, it being the north half of said Babbitt's homestead farm."  Signed by Elkanah, Isaac and Mehitabel Babbitt.  This would seem to be the date upon which they moved to New Jersey.